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Feedback for Orca (Unmei)

Feb 23, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Personal feedback thread for Orca, both buying and selling.

      I really appreciate your consideration! :)
    2. My girl Viola loves her new necklace handmade by Orca!
    3. I just got three lovely necklaces/sets from Orca. They are beautifully done and excellently packaged. The pricing was fantastic - will certainly do business with again. :)

      Thank you for placing them aside for me. Not only are you a wonderful artist, but a most gracious meet-up hostess/organizer!
    4. Orca purchased a SD17 hakama from me. Great communication and she paid very quickly! She was so nice to inform me when she received the item. Lovely transaction!
    5. Orca was a lovely buyer. Very sweet & pleasant to correspond with and prompt with the business end of the transaction. Thanks so much! :D
    6. Orca commissioned a face-up from me and was super awesome! She gave me great feedback during the process and was prompt replying to questions. She's had several face-ups done by me, and I would absolutely love to do more for her! :D
    7. Orca is a great buyer! She bought a wig from me and was really friendly and understanding when I let her know that it would be a week before I could ship (I was going on holiday). She was patient and paid quickly. I would definately recommend her as a seller and would deal with her again :)