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Feedback for Orophine XD

Dec 16, 2009

    1. Orophine bought my Migidoll Yuri head,
      which has a face up done by Hoshino Clinic.
      She is very fast on payment and replies,
      And very nice as well!! XD
      She also let me know of his arrival today.
      The transaction went smoothly,
      And I am very happy she adopted my Rui.
    2. She sold me her Migidoll Yuri on FDoll WS Body.
      Had a little bit of trouble getting a reply from her atfirst, but this was only because she was on holiday ^_^ So no worries there.
      Once we started talking, the replies were quick and smooth, she was also really friendly.
      She let me know when she shipped him out and he arrived safely and exactly as she decribed him ^_^
      I do reccomend her as a seller

      Thank you again!