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Feedback for otepoti

Jul 12, 2006

    1. If you have delt with me please leave feed back

    2. Feedback!

      Otepoti has done face ups for me and lots of other things, she is so nice and really good with leting you know how things are going and sending out pics. ^_^

    3. Bought a VDES head from her on a layaway plan. Was helpful throughout and shipped as soon as she received my final payment.

      A complete pleasure to work with! Thank you so much!
    4. i recently commisioned otepoti to do a face up with me, and am greatly pleased with it! she was very helpful in sending lots of pictures of how it was looking and would not mind if you wanted anything changed at any stage. A great person to work with!

    5. I bought a Shiwoo head, modded by Otepoti. She was incredible throughout, patiently answering all of my questions. She sent him well packaged, included nice extras, and sent him off in a timely fashion. He's stunning, and I can't rate her mods highly enough! Buy from her!
    6. I've bought and sold to Otepoti lots and shes always been great and very freindly ^___^

      Kick ass seller! and Buyer!

      Rachie XX
    7. otepoti has just done another face up for me. Its perfect! thanks so much!
    8. 100% positive feed back. Great face-up artist! Very fast, great communication, reliable and professional. HIGLY recommended. :D
    9. otepoti done the face-up for my new girl, great communication and she done a brilliant job on her and was fast in doing her too
      highly recommended :D
    10. Otepoti has done a face-up for my Unoa-boy and she also made him elf-ears. She did a really great work, a perfect job:thumbup, I always got pics about the work progress and the shipping was safe and fast. THANKS :D
    11. I can't believe I didn't leave feedback >_< I feel so stupid now I thought I did.

      otepoti repaired my boy's broken ear for me ^.^ I can't even tell it was ever broken it was repaired soo well and its so strong! I am so very pleased :)

      I want to thank you again ^.^
    12. Ote did me another face up, for my F17 boy!! It was just how I wanted it and she was super fast, she even added a small scar on his wrist like I wnated.
    13. Commissioned otepoti for a repair on my SD's leg that had the dreaded knee break. She did an excellent job with the repair. Communication was excellent throughout the transaction and legs were shipped back to me quickly and securely. :3
    14. Bought a Unbeknown dreaming wishel boy from otepoti wonderful communication, fast shipping and everything was a described.
    15. I just recieved my boy back from Otepoti today, and I can't say in enough words how wonderful she is to deal with!
      This boy was a major project. Otepoti kept in contact with me almost every day throughout the entire transaction (which took the better part of a month.) She sent me pictures, asked me questions, made suggestions, and checked in with me at every stage. She is one of the most wonderful people to deal with. Her patience is fantastic, and so is her humor! I don't think things could have gone better. And when it came time to ship, everything arrived safe and sound.
      110 % for Otepoti. I highly recommend her as a Commissioned Artist!!!!!
      ~Thanks again!~
    16. Otepot modded and painted a Na-Nu-Ri 06 head for me! She gave him scales on his modded elf ears (that she'd done on him previously) and face and gave him a wonderful faceup! As usual wonderful to deal with and the doll came out looking exactly like i wanted!
      Thanks Ote! :D
    17. Otepoti did really quick and accurate mods for me. She re-shaped two pairs of Luts hands (Lishe and Miyu) into more natural poses, and opened up the eyes on my sleeping Unoa Sist faceplate. She was very patient with the eye mod and took her time so I could let her know each step of the way how I'd like her to proceed. Very professional, I'd definitely go to Otepoti for mods again ^^
    18. Great buyer! Paid quickly and was very friendly!
    19. I sent my El's head for an elf ear mod and His ears are perfect I love them! thanks so much!!
    20. Otepoti repaired my F-09 heads eyes and gave him a faceup, she was brilliant with regards to comms, sent pictures of each stage of the modding and faceup and did a wonderful job to boot ^_^ Lol, I already have plans to send her another head to be faceuped :D