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Feedback for PacificBlue

Jun 24, 2009

    1. I recently bought a DOI kalix from PacificBlue. She provided excelent communication and propt shipping. When he arrived he was in perfect condition and was everything I was looking for. Thanks ^^-
    2. Hi,
      I sold a Pip head to PacificBlue and we had a very nice transaction. It was a pleasure to deal with her and I am happy to recommend dealings with PacificBlue.
      Thanks for buying my Pip :D
    3. wonderful to deal with ! ..an absolute pleasure
    4. I bought a DOT Delhpine from PacificBlue.She is perfect and has fully accessories.We have a wonderful dealing.~
    5. purchased a Rosett.e school of doll Fir from PacificBlue and everything was perfect!
    6. Pacific Blue brought a LuWen Head from me. Payment was very prompt and Pacific Blue was very friendly and polite in all her correspondence. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. She was a perfect buyer. :D
    7. PacificBlue commissioned an outfit for her doll from me and was a real joy to work with! Great, friendly communication and fast payment. I highly recommend!
    8. PacificBlue commissioned a faceup from me. Great communication, friendly, and paid promptly. Would love to deal with again.
    9. PacificBlue purchased from our 【Tous Les Garcons Clothes Shop】. She was very nice and friendly to communicate and kindly let me know when she pick up the clothes. It's a very pleasant transaction with her. Thank you so much ^ ^
    10. I bought her Marlene, Dirge of Glory doll last week; PacificBlue was awesome to work with! :D Great communication, very helpful, a total sweetheart, and I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat. :) Shipping was super-fast, too. =^I^= Thanks!!! :D
    11. PacificBlue sold me an Asleep Eidolon body. The layaway terms were very agreeable and PacificBlue kept in touch throughout the whole transaction. Excellent shipping service!
      I recommend her wholeheartedly. ^_^
    12. PacificBlue participated in a split I ran for some parts of the DoA/Luts LE Abadon. The transaction went without a hitch, and she was polite and wonderful to talk to. I would definitely recommend doing business with her!
    13. Bought a Fantasy Girl Body from her, arrived quickly. Good communication.
    14. our sales transaction was smooth and PacificBlue made all the payments in a timely manner making sure to PM me to double check that I received payment.

      good communication and really a joy to do business with..
      can highly recommend this honest buyer!
    15. PacificBlue participated in a split with me for an IoS Osiris head. She paid promptly and kept in great communication. I would certianly work with her again. Thanks!
    16. I am buy Chitsuki head from PacificBlue. All perfect, very friendly. I am happy. Thank You very much. :daisy:daisy:daisy
    17. This is the second time PacificBlue purchased from our 【Tous Les Garcons Clothes Shop】. Very nice buyer and I won't be hesitate to deal with her again. Thank you so much ^ ^
    18. PacificBlue participated in my Camellia Dynasty Group Order. Payements were prompt, as well as PM replies. I'd gladly work with her again!
    19. participated in my Group Order and was a doll to deal with !