Feedback for Paeoniadrop

Jul 26, 2020

    1. I'd greatly appreciate feedback if we've had a transaction together!
    2. PaeoniaDrop purchased my Minifee Rendia full set from me on Layaway. Very prompt and communicative about payments, great follow up, very pleasant to deal with and just all around great transaction. Would do business with her again and highly recommend as a buyer.
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    3. I sold a Fairyland Minifee Rens head from a split to @PaeoniaDrop . Communication was great and payment was prompt. Wonderful buyer to deal with! Would definitely do business with again!
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    4. Purchased a Juri20' event head in a split @PaeoniaDrop hosted and the transaction went wonderful. She was very clear on updates, the communication was fast and she was very kind through the process. I would definitely purchase from her again!
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    5. Paeoniadrop bought a minifee Erda fullset from me. She was very responsive throughout the transaction and everything went very smoothly. She offered to send me a prepaid shipping label for the shipment, which made the shipping process easier for both of us. I would definitely work with her again :)
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    6. I participated in a minifee Sylvia split with Paenoiadrop as the host and everything went perfectly! She was polite, super quick to update me when the order had delays by Fairyland, and even took lovely studio photos of my split head! A wonderful professional who I would love to do business with at any time!
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    7. Participated in the Sylvia split with her as the host. Kept me wonderfully updated throughout the wait and has been professional the whole time. When it was time to ship the body, she even went through the hassle of voiding a shipping label to help the doll to me faster through a different service. I'll whole-heartedly look into doing another split with her.
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    8. PaeoniaDrop purchased my Minifee Rendia sleeping head. This was our second transaction. Fast payment and great communication. There was some delays with the postal services but that was expected giving the holiday season. She let me know as soon as the package arrived. Would do business with her again and highly recommend as a buyer.
    9. I bought a Fairyline boy body from @PaeoniaDrop and it was a perfect, very professional and friendly transaction. She answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly, shipped exactly when she said, and even sent photos of receipts unprompted. I'd absolutely recommend doing business with her.
    10. PaeoniaDrop purchased a Fairyline Sia fullset from me via layaway. All her payments were prompt and she communicated well. Would definitely do business with her again. Thanks!
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    11. I bought a tan minifee motion line boy body from PaeoniaDrop. She was very quick to respond to any messages and provided me with requested pictures when asked. The body was very safely packaged and came with certificates as described. She shipped it out even faster than I expected too! Won't hesitate to buy from her again!
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    12. I sold a doll to PaeoniaDrop and the transaction was excellent! Communication was great and she paid immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :D
    13. I bought a minifee body from PaeoniaDrop and she was great to work with. She communicated quickly and packaged the doll well. I recommend her as a seller.
    14. PaeoniaDrop sold me a minifee Luha head and the transaction was perfect! PaeoniaDrop was very responsive and shipped quickly and packaged well! Thank you!
    15. I bought a NS minifee body from @PaeoniaDrop . The transaction went extremely well. She communicated promptly. She sent the item immediately. The minifee body was exactly as described and was packaged very securely. The transaction was wonderfully uncomplicated. I would not hesitate to buy something from her again.
    16. PaeoniaDrop purchased Fairyland minifee Rendia's fullset dress. Everything went great!! Great communication, and fast payment!! I highly recommend PaeoniaDrop as a buyer!
    17. PaeoniaDrop helped me purchase three pairs of Mako eyes and it couldn’t have been more of a pleasant transaction. Communication was top notch and she always kept me informed of their ordering process and times. I highly recommend her services!
    18. PaeoniaDrop purchased a MiniFee Luha from me and was an incredible buyer! Great communication and fast payment. I would be delighted to have another transaction with them in the future. I highly recommend them as a buyer. Thank you!
    19. I participated in two splits with paeonia: Minifee Maya dress and Minifee Luha.

      For Maya dress set, she let me know when it was shipped to her place and double checked the item for me. She even put flash light through the shoes to check if the paint has chipped off a lot. She immediately sent an email to denver doll if there's anything could be done with the paint chipping. I was very appreciative that Paeonia immediately let me know of the issue and while the shoes couldn't be fixed, it was a minor issue and not Paeonia's fault. She shipped quickly and let me know right away when she shipped the dress set.

      For the Luha doll, Paeonia let me know right away when a full set was available in Denver Doll. She responds to my messages quickly and always let me know when denver doll shipped the item, when it arrived at her place, and when she shipped it to me.

      Thank you!
      Definitely one of the best sellers/group order hosts! I highly recommend her!
    20. Paeoniadrop bought from me a Fairyland Sircca elf head.

      The transaction went well: pleasant communication, specific questions about the product, quick payment in full, the buyer immediately informed about the arrival of the parcel. :3nodding:Wonderful buyer!
      I will be glad to cooperate again! :love