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Feedback for Pancake-fairy

Nov 11, 2010

    1. Feedback for myself, Pancake-Fairy!
    2. ~~ ^___^ First person to leave feedback ~~

      I was able to personally meet Pancake-Fairy when she bought a body I was selling.
      She met me on time, was super nice and paid promptly upon deciding she wanted the body.

      I'd easily do business with her again.
    3. Positive!!! Pancake-fairy bought an SD-sized head from me and paid promptly via PP. The communication was perfect and I really enjoyed chatting too! Pan even PMed me as soon as the head arrived; I couldn't ask for a better buyer. I would love to work with Pan again, for business and/or chatting about doll stuff!
    4. This lovely Lady took part in a Dollmore Group Order that I was running. Paid REALLY fast and kept in great communication!

      ~ Thank you so much for doing a group order with me! would love to work with you again!.
    5. I sold a Leeke head to Pancake-fairy, very good communications though a little slow on payment but i understand that she was busy and such the like : )

      Overall a very good transaction, I'm very glad the head went to a good home and he got there safe and sound!