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Feedback for Panda Usagi

Apr 9, 2008

    1. OMG it's a feedback thread! >w<
    2. Panda Usagi commissioned a furwig from me~ Fast SHIPPING! Super FRIENDLY~ AWesome Buyer~
    3. LOL!. I mean Fast PAYMENT~ I'm sorry. XD
    4. Panda Usagi bought a pair of pants from me~and make a very quickly payment~~
      we have a nice communication~ ^^
    5. Panda Usagi purchased my El head. She paid promptly, had great communication and I would sell to her again any time!
    6. PandaUsagi bought some SOOM eyes from me. She was quick to pay (with a money order too!) and very understanding when I ended up having to send her item a week late. Would definitely do business with her again :).
    7. Panda Usagi purchased a MSD Skirt from me and was very polite and friendly, smooth transaction. :)
      Thankyou! <3
    8. she purchase a bory from me, fast payment, nice communication, I will be glad to any business with her again, enjoy little bory-chan. Thank you so much.
    9. Panda Usagi let me paint her cute boy. Very nice and friendly to deal with. Fast payment and great transactions. My pleasure to give the boy a face-up. Thanks!
    10. Panda Usagi was looking for cat ears I offered to make them for her for the cost of my shipping. She was amazing in it and sent the payment for shipping quickly! Also kept in contact with me while I made them.
    11. Panda Usagi bought a pair of pants from me and there was good communication and prompt payment. Thank you
    12. Panda Usagi has the patience of a saint! I painted her two Els during my busy work-travel season, and she ended up waiting 3 and a half months to get them back (I wish I could say I was faster!!!!), but she was kind and fun to work with through the whole process. She was incredibly clear about what she wanted with her boys and always willing to stay in touch. I cannot recommend working with her enough--I just pray she'll never have to wait so long for me again. o_O

      :: hugs ::

    13. Panda Usagi sold me her AOD Wang Xi. He shipped quickly and arrived safely. Great to deal with. :)
    14. PandaUsagi sold me her Kid Delf Bory, despite my Paypal transactions taking a while she was a pleasure to talk to. :heart
    15. I forgot I can't edit this. Ahdhfhhfhh But she sent him quickly and he arrived in very good condition!
    16. I bought a corset from Panda Usagi. It was sent quickly and in perfect condition. I would definitely buy from from her again. Her prices are very fair.
    17. Bought a outfit from panda usagi shipping was fast and they were super friendly could not ask for more.
    18. I bought a couple of glasses from Panda Usagi, and it was one of the fastest, smoothest transactions I've had in a while. A sweet seller with great communication, I highly recommend doing business with Panda. Thanks greatly! :aheartbea
    19. Panda Usagi bought doll eyes from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    20. Panda Usagi bought a wig from me. She is a good and serious buyer, great contact & fast payment. Thank you :)