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Feedback for Pansy

Oct 13, 2006

    1. Pansy has commissioned me at various times for face-ups. She's great to deal with, each time has been a real treat!

    2. I bought a pair of eyes, and the transaction went very smoothly! Thank you!
    3. I sold a new gena head with default face-up and soom eyes to pansy for 130 including shipping awhile back. i hope she will notify me that she got it^^.
    4. I sold a doll to Pansy, communication was great, she was very friendly. Prompt payment was made. Would do business with again. :)
    5. Pansy bought 2 pairs of eyes from me recently. She was great to work with, paid promptly, and kept in touch. I highly recommend her and would gladly do business with her anytime! Thanks. :)
    6. Pansy joined my first Dollmore GO. She had fast payement and was easy to work with. Great with communication.

      Thanks again for joining!
    7. Pansy participated in my Leekeworld GO, and everything went smoothly. She was friendly, had great communication, and was overall lovely to deal with. Thank you!
    8. Pansy commissioned a face-up from me. She was so sweet and friendly. Paid immediately. Would love to deal with again.^^
    9. Pansy is an awesome buyer. she paid for a skirt that i had, and i never sent it..... because i didn't receive a notice from paypal. so she patiently waited, and waited, and finally asked what happened. when i realized what had happened i sent it out immediately
      with extra goodies for her being such a good sport, she was totally cool about it.
    10. I bought a Dollmore Lolita dress from Pansy, she shipped it super fast and my girl loves it, Thanks so much. Would love to deal with again!
    11. I bought a pair of Dollmore shoes from Pansy. She was very friendly and shipping was super fast. Despite them being a bit big for my girl, I love them! ^_^ I would buy from her again! Thank you~!!
    12. I bought an MSD-sized clothing lot from Pansy, and it arrived quickly and safely - and she included a cute extra dress to boot! Would absolutely buy from again. Thanks much! <3
    13. Pansy was in the group order I ran for Luts. She responsed to PM quickly and paid promptly! I would love to have her in another GO again^^
      Thank you for joining my luts GO!:chocoberry
    14. Pansy commissioned a face-up from me. As always, she was very friendly and the transaction went very smoothly. Would love to deal with again^^
    15. Pansy bought some glass eyes off of me and she was again awesome to work with! Everything was prompt and easy to understand, and she paid instantly. Thank you!
    16. Pansy participated in a Dollmore GO I ran. Payment was always prompt and communication was friendly. Thanks so much for helping the GO be a success! ^^
    17. got my minimee chii from Pansy today, she ran a good GO :) Thank you very much, Pansy!
    18. I was part in a Minimee GO that Pansy organized.
      She handled everything professional and fast.
      Also, she keept us up-to-date with all important informations.

      The head was send out super fast and was packed upper save!
      Thank you so much for your effort :)
    19. I took part in a minimee GO for a Chii. She was packaged nicely and she arrived safely, there was even a cute hand made mushroom inside which was just super cute.
      Thank you, I would be happy to buy from again in the future or take part in other GOs.
    20. I bought an SD10 body from Pansy. Her communication was excellent and she even gave me options on shipping. The body came in two days and was very well packed. I would definitely do business with her again.

      Thank you Pansy :)