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Feedback for panty_girl

Sep 9, 2006

    1. I bought 2 wigs for my CP boys and they arrived very fast and in perfect condition, just as described.
      panty_girl is a great seller, super friendly and replies to every PM ^^

      Thank you so much for a nice and smooth transaction!! :D

      My boys won't be bald when they arrive! ^^
    2. panty_girl blushed both of my boys and she did an amazing job. Kept me updated the whole way with pics and everything!! Everyone should commission her, she is amazing! Thanks again :)
    3. Did a Split Order For An Elf Chiwoo and She Worked Effeciantly and Always On Hand With Answers. ^_^ THX
    4. I did a split with panty_girl for an El and I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. She updated me every step of the way and was always really friendly! This was the first split I have ever done and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much, panty_girl, for giving me the chance to own my second El~ <3
    5. Panty_girl was Great to deal with. She kept me informed and my boy's body arrived safe and sound. Thanks for a great transaction!
    6. I did a split with panty_girl and she is very pleasant to deal with. Her replies are prompt and friendly and the transaction was very smooth. Thanks again! =D
    7. panty_girl sanded, hot glue sueded, blushed and strung my lovely little Unoa Lusis. She kept in constant communication and did a great job!:aheartbea


    8. I just commissioned panty_girl for a slight modification and face up for my Yen,DOC. She's nice to work with (patient and is able to understand my description which lacks....description!) XD.
      She ships out fast(as soon as her busy schedule allows) and I received my boy in a week. It's a reasonable timing cause I live half a globe away!

      As for her workmanship, I personally fancy it because it's neat, neat and neat! (Now, you can see what I mean by I lack descriptions >_<). So, just check out her portfolio in her shop, if you like her style you should consider commissioning her.

      I'm glad I did!