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Feedback for Panu

May 18, 2010

    1. Hi there ^^
      This is the feedback thread for bought and sold items
      I would be glad if you would leave feedback after dealing with me:)
    2. I purchased an Iplehouse Real Skin Ryan from Panu. Communication was very quick and friendly! After payment was sent the doll was also shipped out speedily and arrived in a little over a week. The doll was packaged safely all in it's original box and padding, with all parts included. Sadly, a foot latch did break off from the resin in-transit but it does not appear to have due to any fault of the seller. Really, it did seem to be packaged up as good as could be, and the doll was not even strung too tightly, but nonetheless the tension of the elastic mixed with the normal movement involved with shipping caused the holding latch to snap. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase new feet directly from Iplehouse for a reasonable charge. Panu was very considerate and offered to help pay for new feet. I definitely give Panu positive feedback and would do more transactions with her in the future for her friendliness, consideration, and prompt responses.
    3. I bought a MNF Shiwoo from Panu. The Communication was excellent, we were always in contact, she told me about every step she did and answered all my questions really fast and friendly and very polite! As soon as the payment was done, she shipped the doll, which was in just the same condition she told me. The doll arrived only 2 days later - high speed - and was packed very safe and good! I also got some extras from her and a really sweet letter!
      I don't have anything to complain, she's the wish-for seller, I can't imagine anybody better!
      THANKS PANU for a GREAT transaction, I'd love to buy from again! And I love my new boy!
    4. I bought a DBDoll Adai from Panu. Everything went great, communication was always prompt and friendly. The doll was in as-new condition and I got some cute extras from Panu! She allowed me to come pick up the girl at her place (my husband and I went on vacation in her country), which was very nice of her, too!
    5. I bought an AS XiBao from Panu, and everything was awesome. Recieved a beautiful doll and some great extras quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much~!
    6. I just bought a Luts Delf El from Panu, she was extremely friendly and easy to talk to. We set up a layaway plan right away. When the final payment was made she sent him out as soon as post office hours would allow and once he was sent he arrived in just over a week. He was exactly as she had described and came with beautiful extras. I was thrilled with the product as well as the service, I would definitely do business with her again I would suggest her as a seller to anyone!
    7. I bought an AS FuBao from Panu, and all went well- doll was in fantastic shape, and she even included some very cute extras!!