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Feedback for paperaya

May 20, 2011

    1. My Feedback thread! :D
    2. Paperaya bought a Dikadoll Saki from me on layaway and the transaction was perfect! She paid earlier than expected, and had prompt communication. Was wonderful to sell to!
    3. paperaya bought a B&G Celia from me on a short layaway and I couldn't be more pleased with the whole transaction! She was extremely prompt with payment, maintained excellent communication throughout and was an absolute sweetheart to deal with!

      A+ buyer, would definitely do business with again! Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    4. paperaya bought a Yo-SD sized wig from me. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent! :3 Definitely would do business with again! Thanks!
    5. paperaya traded her Angel of dream Fei in tan with me for my Double jointed resinsoul body. The trade was quick and she even offered me a wig! She packaged the doll very very well! She has great communication with replies within the same hour! I overall had a very pleasant experience and will be quite happy to have another transaction with her again! Thanks so much!!!
    6. paperaya is a wonderful seller! I purchased a wig from her as a gift for a friend who had just gotten her first doll. She pointed me to a pair of perfect eyes for the doll as well. She was willing to send the items to a different location other than mine so that they could go directly to my friend. They were sent out quickly, arrived safe and sound and will be well-loved. Also, her communication is PRIME! Not only did she always get back to me promptly, but she was sweet enough to include a note congratulating my friend on her first dolly. Would DEFINITELY recommend her!
    7. paperaya purchased a LUTS wig from me.
      She paid quickly and kept great communication.
      I would definitely sell to her again.
      Thank you and enjoy! :)
    8. Paperaya bought a wig from me. Communication was fantastic! I would definitely do business with again. Thank you! ^_^
    9. paperaya bought an Iplehouse BID wig from me. Quick with payment and communication. Great to work with. A+ buyer.
    10. Sold a pair of shoes to paperaya. Payment was fast and communication was pleasant. Thank you!
    11. Paperaya bought a pair of black MSD boots from me. She was quick with payment and very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely do business with her again.

      Many thanks! :)
    12. I sold a Dikadoll Aron in layaway to Paperaya, she was prompt with payments and was really patient with the long wait (I'm sorry for this u.u). I highly reccommend her, she's so sweet to deal with.
      Thank you so much!
    13. Paperaya purchased a wig from me. Everything went perfectly fine and we had a very wonderful communication. Thank you so much. ^_^
    14. Purchased some MSD shoes from Paperaya. They are just as she described. Very good with her communications about payment, shipping, etc. Thank you.
    15. I purchased an MSD shirt from paperaya. It was an excellent deal and she shipped it super quickly. Wonderful communication. A great seller.
    16. I purchased two pairs of eyes from paperaya! It went wonderfully, communication was excellent, she shipped uber quickly! Positive!
    17. I purchased a wig from Paperaya and the transaction went smoothly. Great communication and very friendly. I would highly recommend anyone to buy from her.
    18. Bought a set of Safrin doll eyes from Paperaya
      They arrived packaged excellently in perfect condition. The eyes are beautiful and communication throughout the entire transaction was superb.
      I would not hesitate to do business with Paperaya again ^^
    19. Bought a charcoal-colored male MSD wig from Paperaya. Well packed and beautifully soft and shiny! Looks new! I would do business with her anytime! Thanks!
    20. I bought some eyes from paperaya and she was so nice to write to-- and she shipped right away, packed well and the eyes are super! Thank you so much!