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Feedback for Parahoty ^^

Jul 25, 2006

    1. Hello ^^

      This is a feedback thread about me. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me ^^

      Thank you ^^
    2. Hi!~ Just letting you know she is very patient in my transaction, and she did a very nice job on my sweaters (and also my sister's boy's sweater!~)

      She's very pleasing to deal with, even with language MINOR language barrier, she's very, very nice. :D

      I'm looking forward to commission her again!~:aheartbea

      Pictures of my order:

      White Sweater with hand warmers

      Blue Sweater with Hand warmers

      My sister's order

      Thank you!~
    3. Parahoty is a very nice person, her work is very well-done.

      ps: stp feedback too, ^^ mon thread est sur la meme page ou voir mon profil.
    4. Thank you girls :aheartbea

      Megu : posté ;)
    5. I did my first deal with parahoty and I would do it again!! It was a great transaction, I´ve got a beautiful outfit for my doll ................. and we are happy !!!

    6. Thank you Astrid :aheartbea