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Feedback for passionasfashion (Diana)

Jun 14, 2007

    1. If I have bought from you or sold to you, please leave feedback here.

      Most appreciatively,

    2. Diana is AWESOME to deal with and I highly recommend her! She is very fair, trustworthy, honest, and very forthcoming. Because of her, I was able to get my holy grail, a Custom House St. Mina. She photographed every detail of my beloved doll before I bought her and packaged the doll so securely and lovingly and kept in touch throughout the entire transaction. Because I didn't know her prior to this big purchase, another person vouched for her and told me to go forth with confidence. I'm more than happy to report my positive experiences and very happy ending!
    3. Diana bought a wig from me. She paid promptly and her communication was excellent! I hope we can do business again!

    4. Diana bought a Unoa Lusis from me. And also I purchased a wig from her a long while back. She is wonderful to deal with in every way as a buyer and seller.

      I look forward to doing business again!
    5. Diana and I have bought a lots of clothing from me, and I love the wigs she made and lucky enough to acquire a few. She is honest, fair, and trustworthy. I enjoy trading with her. And she is a great doll friend :D
    6. passionasfashion purchased some items from and participated in a group order i ran. quick payment. great communication. highly recommended. welcome back anytime :D
    7. Diana bought a white skin limited edition Hye from me. She is absolutely a pleasure to deal with and to meet in person :) I look forward to meeting you again in the future Diana. Enjoy your new exotic Beauty. I am so glad she found a good new home. :fangirl:
    8. Diana ordered a Sato FCS girl through me. She was extremely polite and professional throughout the entire transaction. Highly recommended! :)
    9. passionasfashion is a dream-come-true customer. I've been very fortunate to have customized several of her dolls and each time it was a joy to work on her dolls and to interact with Diana. I hope to work with her again in the future.

      ~Thank you so very much!
    10. Passionasfashion joined my group order. Great transcation, good communication and fast payment. Thank you!
    11. passionasfashion participated in my dollmore group order. She was great to deal with, more than prefect with her order list with links and all, and she made quick payments. would welcome to another g.o. anytime!
    12. Diana participated in one of my Dollga group orders. She was very responsive in her PMs, quick with her payments, and cordial. I appreciate having someone like her in my groups, and I wish more buyers were as attentive as her. Thank you very much, Diana!
    13. Diana joined the Dollga group order I did in October-November. She was very prompt with payment and the transaction went perfectly smooth; a pleasure to work with.

      Thank you! :daisy
    14. Passionasfashion took part in my Dollmore group order and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! :D Payments were made on time and made sure to inform me of her payments - flawless communication.

      Thanks for being such a great participant~

      :aheartbea Shizume :aheartbea
    15. Passionasfashion bought a Volks Alain head from me. Quck payment & smooth communication. She is also very friendly to deal with and understanding. thanks!
    16. Sold a LittleFee Ante sleeping faceplate to Passionasfashion, excellent customer!
    17. Passionasfashion purchased my Dollheart black fer. It was a wonderful transaction all around! Flawless buyer! :)

      Thanks again!
    18. Diana purchased IH Tania from me and it was a wonderful transaction. Communication was excellent and she made payment very quickly! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Diana. :)
    19. Diana bought an Iplehouse nightgown set from me. Paid lightning-fast, was fantastic to communicate with and extremely patient when, for whatever reason, her tracking number refused to work.

      Awesome buyer, I'd happily sell to her again! Thanks so much!
    20. passionafashion participated in a group order I ran. She paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended.