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feedback for pastelflower

Apr 14, 2007

    1. I've been buying and selling so much, I think I need a feedback thread. :sweat

      If you've had a transaction with me, please leave a message! :)
    2. I just sold a pair of shoes to pastelflower. We had nice communicaiton throughout, and she paid immediately. A total pleasure to deal with! :)

    3. I bought a JPOP wig from pastelflower and she was extremely friendly and good with keeping me updated throughout the sale. She was quick with shipping and she packed the wig VERY well and it arrived safely and in beautiful condition! She was a very conscientious seller and very helpful above and beyond! Thank you so much! I would definitely buy from you again, hon :)
    4. I dealt with pastelflower for Sato FCS.

      I ordered SD13 F-34 Girl for her :) Her responses were always fast and lovely :fangirl: We could have very good communication XD Payment was very fast, too!! Thank you very much for giving me your order ^_____^=.

      Pastelflower is really a nice buyer and you can deal with her comfortable ;)
      I highly recommended Pastelflower!! :thumbup
    5. I bought a pair of eyes from pastelflower: her communication was always very fast and friendly, she shipped the eyes as soon as she got payment and even refunded me the extra when the shipping costs turned out cheaper than expected! Thanks for such a pleasant transaction!! :)
    6. Bought a fur wig from pastelflower - hassle-free transaction, fast shipping, well-packaged! :)

      It has been a pleasure, thank you so much!
    7. Pastelflower is great to deal with! Bought a Narae from her in perfect new condition, very easy to work with! :) A pleasure!! Highly recommend her!
    8. PastelFlower participated in my Luts group order, and was just an absolute delight from start to finish. She was prompt with payment, took direction very well, and followed the Group order guidlines to a T;)... I wouldn't hesitate to do buissness with her again:)
    9. Bought a Volks Maria from her and the transaction was very smooth. Shipped on time and the doll was in better condition than described! Mwaa! :D
    10. I bought Happy Doll Buckle Boots from pastelflower. She replied my PM quickly and friendly and shipped out the goods *very* fast and with care,100% honest and reliable.

      The Very High Regards!!
    11. Pastelflower bought an SD-10 girl swarriko body from me and was very quick to communicate, commit and send payment. She also let me know when the body arrived safely.I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    12. Pastelflower is an excellent buyer. She paid very quickly and was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you for a wonderful transaction~
    13. I just sold a SSW sheer tulle skirt to pastelflower and she is an all-around wonderful buyer!! Her communication is very consistent and pleasant, and payment is super-fast. :) I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!!

      Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction!! :daisy
    14. I adopted Pastelflower's YO-SD Tanpopo and she was wonderful to do the deal with. Always letting me know when she received payment, when the doll would be shipped ad she packed her so well too. Wonderful person to buy from and such a wonderful doll I have now finally in my BJD family. Pics soon on DOA. MK
    15. I bought an outfit from pastelflower. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction. A great seller to deal with.:)
    16. Pastelflower purchased a high end bjd from me and conducted the transaction very professionally - did everything I requested of her - I'm very pleased with this sale! Alex
    17. Sold a couple of clothing articles to her,
      and it was a quick and smooth transaction.

      Thanks again, pastelflower!
    18. I bought Cristal head from Pastelflower :D our transition went really nice and smooth X3
      she shipped it out asap and I just received her today with her paperwork and pin >w<!
      she's gorgeous! I love her so much! thank you Pastelflower >w<!!!

    19. pastelflower was in my Leeke World group order and everything went smoothly!
    20. Pastelflower joined my Leeke group order. She was very quick to pay and very patient when the order was delayed.