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Feedback for patchworkpunk

Oct 12, 2011

    1. Here's the place to leave feedback for me

      i was patchworkpunk's partner in a lace swap, they were kind enough to accept a non-lacey gift after i broke my arm and couldnt finish sewing the lacey gifts and even waited patiently when my gift was a week late cus i stupidly forgot to put the zip code on his package and the lady at the post office was too busy reading a magazine to correct me! also i saw the gifts patchworkpunk's partner recieved and they were lovely! A+++ swapper!
    3. patchworkpunk was in my Lace swap I ran. She was a wonderful participant and everything was sent on time. even posted pictures of the gifts she got ^_^ I would recommend her to anyone.
    4. patchworkpunk was my swap partner in a Harry Potter swap. Great partner. Sent on time, posted picture of what I sent. Definitely would recommend!
    5. patchworkpunk participated in my Harry Potter swap and was a great participant. Sent their items on time, and sent several incredibly nice things. Would gladly recommend for future swaps. Thanks!
    6. patchworkpunk took part in my Lolita swap and was a pleasure to have in it!! great communication and and did a great job!!! ^_^
    7. fast payment and great communication:)thank you!
    8. I sold a Blond 7-8 wig to patchworkpunk~ wonderful communication and paid promptly! Thanks :)
    9. patchworkpunk bought a Saint head from me, great communication and prompt payment!
    10. Sold my Dollzone65 body to Patchworkpunk, was an excellently smooth and fast transaction, I would absolutely do business with her again.
    11. Patchworkpunk bought luts JDF body from me. very fast payment communication was prompt, Would love to deal with her again!!
    12. I commissioned a set of MSD clothing from patchworkpunk, and the finished product is very beautiful. Her doll clothes are very well made, and I adore the finished pieces.

      However, I do not think that I would commission her again, simply because there were several delays and failed communications during the commission process. I agreed to give patchworkpunk one month to complete the commission, but in the end, it took five months. I do not mind a reasonable delay in a commission, especially when these delays are properly communicated, but patchworkpunk never informed me every time she missed a promised deadline. I would have to contact her weeks after the promised arrival date, only to find out that she needed yet another extension. As a buyer, this was very frustrating for me.

      All of that said, when patchworkpunk did communicate, she was always very polite and grateful for my patience. After missing several deadlines, she gave me a partial refund for the commission without even being asked--I really appreciated that. When the commission was finally finished, she even gave me expedited shipping! That was very nice, and again, I really appreciated it.

      So, all in all, I'm glad that I finally have the clothes, because they are very beautiful, and I was always happy to hear from patchworkpunk because she was so kind and polite. In the end, I don't even mind that I had to wait so long for the clothing--I just wish that she has communicated with me more often.
    13. I was commissioned by Patchworkpunk for a face-up in exchange for a clothing commission. A straight commission trade.

      Everything was worked out, communication great, etc. ^^
      The head was finished, but the clothing commission part ended up falling through due to unforeseen circumstances on her end.
      In the end she just paid for the commission and the material costs when she said she would.
      Overall it took quite a bit longer than I would have liked, but I'm a patient person and I've had similar circumstances occur.
      I do consider this a positive transaction and would still like to see her clothing work someday!

      Thanks and hope things work out!
    14. Great buyer with fast payment and excellent communication! It was a pleasure doing business with Patchworkpunk. I would highly recommend to anyone!! Thanks.
    15. Patchworkpunk recently purchased some MSD clothes from me. It was a pleasure dealing with her <3 payment was sent fast and she let me know when the package arrived. Highly recommended.
    16. Me and Patchworkpunk have trade her luts Modded Luts 2012 Wintery Head on a Junior Delf Body for my soom tiny. It was perfect deal and she all time was so nice. Thank you for sweet present. Highly recommended.
    17. I purchased YoSD sized TTYA overalls and a grey top from Patchworkpunk.
      Communication was great and the packaging was secure. I would definitely purchased from them again and recommend them to other DOA-ers.
    18. I bought a Rrabit shoes from Patchworkpunk, she was quick and friendly to communicate, and I got my package really soon! Can recommend and would love to buy from her again!
    19. Belated feedback! I bought 3 wigs from patchworkpunk. Communication was great and the order shipped quickly! Would do business with again.
    20. I bought a Resinsoul Gang body from Patchworkpunk. The body arrived promptly and was very well packed. Communication was great and everything went smoothly. I would definitely recomend her. Thanks!