Feedback for Patty in NJ

Jul 27, 2006

    1. Patty doesn't get in here often to start her own feedback thread, so I'm doing it for her because I have had two EXCELLENT transactions with her:

      My first was a Roxydoll Becy and my little "Patti" arrived with tons of extras and packed beautifully and safely.

      My second purchase from her was the Ani I just picked up this morning and I am absolutely amazed at all the extras she just "threw in" the deal. The post office did an attempted total-crush on "Corazon" (Ani) but she survived without a scratch and is happily sitting on my desk and I keep digging through all the "stuff" that came with.

      Patty is a patient angel to buy from.
    2. Whoo Hoo for Patty!! Great gal and awesome seller:)
    3. Great buyer!!!! payment made in short time~!!!!recommanded!!
    4. I had some transactions with her. It has been my great pleasure to deal with her.
    5. I purchased a lovely Lishe head from Patty and the transaction was no only perfect in every way - but I had it within 3 days of payment! I highly recommend her anytime :)