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Feedback for Paul_Julian

Mar 9, 2007

    1. Hello! If you had a transaction with me, please write feedback here. Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. I sold Paul_Julian a handcuffs accessory and it was a smooth and easy transaction all the way. ^_^
    3. Bought a wig from me. Excellent communication and quick payment. Awesome all around. ^^
    4. Paul Julian bought a wig from me, he asked me to hold it, and then paid exactly when said.
      Awesome buyer, and very wonderful to deal with!:aheartbea
    5. Great transaction .. LOVE the computer and the packing was so great.

      Shop with confidence w/ Paul_Julian
    6. I bought some little black MSD boots from Paul and it was a smooth, easy transaction. I'd do business again anytime. Thanks!
    7. Sold to Paul_Julian and the transaction was wonderful, thanks so much! =^_^=
    8. Brought from Paul_Julian, Fantastic communication! Great transaction! My boy is going to love his new clothes ^___^ I'd do business again anytime!!

      Thanks!!! ^__^
    9. Excelent quality! Also, had a hellish time with my postoffice, but he/she was very supportive and helpful.
    10. P_J is a very kind and patient buyer. thanks so much for a smooth transaction!
    11. The post office had originally lost it but after Paul_Julian reported it to them I received it in a few days! It's an awesome hoodie and looks amazing on my boy.
    12. i traded stuff with Paul, he made beautiful shirt for my boy! perfect made. i'm very happy and my Yuki too <3
    13. With sure an excelent seller:best communication ever!
      I&#180;ll do business with Paul_Julian again really soon!
    14. I bought a hoodie and a wig from Paul, and they are wonderful, I even got a free shirt! Paul is a great seller, very easy communication and quality work. I will definitely buy again.
    15. I bought a wig from Paul! It's cute and curly, the transaction was great! ^ ^ And I got some free gifts :3

    16. I commissend Paul to make my msd bobobie pixie some clothing!
      A hoodie, 2 white t-shirts a bleu t-shirt and some black jeans!
      Everything came to me super fast and my girl is so happy! Pants that fit here perfectly!

      Will buy again for sure :D Very nice and always fast to respond to pm's ^^
    17. Paul_Julian bought a pair of MNF heart hands from me, paid really fast and the communication was excellent.

      Nice and friendly DoAer, would definitely do business with Paul_Julian again! Thanks so much <3
    18. Akjhdf, I suck because I should have posted this ages ago.

      I commissioned Paul to make a cosplay outfit for my Bobobie boy, and I couldn't be happier - the workmanship is DIVINE, the detail is just amazing, and the transaction was flawless~!

      I am honestly understating how satisfied I am with the outfit; it's just so darn epic, I have trouble putting it's level of epic into words. ;O;

      tl;dr - I AM THRILLED. <3<3<3<3
    19. Commissioned 2 shirt's from Paul_Julian! They were well made! Thanks so much =]
    20. I have just completed a transaction with Paul_Julian:

      Paul_Julian just bought my DZ Bili, plus several of my home-made fun-fur wigs.

      It's been a real pleasure to deal with Paul_Julian - friendly, prompt communication, quick, according to schedule payment for all items.

      Recommended buyer!

      I'm most pleased that my doll has gone to a loving home, at Paul_Julian's too. Couldn't ask for a better sale.

      All the best to you, "Paul".

      Thank you!!!