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Feedback for Paxita

Aug 3, 2011

    1. Hi :)

      Please leave feedback here if you have a transaction with me
      Thank you very much... ​
    2. Paxita bought a head from me. Communication was excellent. Recommended buyer. Thank you =D
    3. Paxita commissioned clothes from me. It was one of my favourite transactions, smooth, fast and wonderful in every detail. She's a great person to deal with, I hope we will trade in the future, too! <3
    4. Paxita bought some custom eyes from me and it was a perfect transaction :) Fast payment, great communication, couldn't ask for better! High recommended ^__^ Thank you~
    5. Paxita commissioned me to make 2 outfits for her. I thought we had a great time collaborating on the outfits. Wonderful to work with!
    6. Paxita bought my Island Doll Damien head. She's wonderful to deal with, very friendly and prompt in her communication and payment. Overall the transaction went smoothly and I highly recommend her. Thanks very much ^__^
    7. paxita took part in a split i ran from Iplehouse. Lovely person to deal with, replied to PMs fast and paid quickly. Thankyou^^
    8. I just had a wonderful split with paxita!

      I opened the thread, but asked her to receive the package, since she kept the body. For her first split, I can say that she did a great job! Good communication, easy to deal with and very friendly~ (: My Saiph head was shipped quickly after paxita received the order at her house and arrived carefully wrapped and packed.

      Definitely willing to do business with her again anytime! Thank you very much &#9829;
    9. Paxita ordered several fur wig from me, including a custom design. She was very good in communicating the details of the custom wig, as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wigs arrived safely.

      Everything about the transaction was wonderful! I would be happy to work with her again, anytime! ^_^
    10. Paxita commissioned some clothes from me twice. She is such a delight to deal with, everything went smooth and perfect. I highly recommend her. Thanks dear :) <3
    11. I made two outfits for Paxita. She was kind and helpful! :) Everything went smoothly! I absolutely recommend her!

      Thank you so much! :goldstar :goldstar :goldstar
    12. paxita participated in my recent Luts GO/split. Communication and payment were easy to manage, and she let me know when the parts arrived safely. Would be happy to have her in another order!
    13. We worked together on a SOOM split for a limited doll: she paid on time and was patient when the shipping took longer than expected to arrive. Thanks a lot!
    14. bought a dragondoll body from her. everything worked out great. friendly and communicable. thanks!
    15. Paxita is such a sweetheart. From the very beginning, she kept me informed of every step and was a delight to communicate with. Thanks so much!!! :aheartbea
    16. @Paxita purchased both my Volks Kyoto Dolpa 11 Toshizou Hijikata and Souji Okita, and she was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire transaction. Prompt payment and good communication! Thank you very much for being a darling, I hope you will love your boys very much. ^^
    17. Excellent transaction with paxita ^_^! I bought her Volks Hijikata Toshizo head and the transaction was fast and simple ^_^. The head was perfect too. Good communication and nice person ^_^ Very recommended ^_^
    18. I bought a popodoll 63cm body from Paxita and had a great experience. Very nice person and very reasonable too. Would do business again. Thank you!
    19. I bought a Soom Soul Stealer Breccia from Paxita. There was no lack of communication and she shipped the body unstrung for me just as I requested. Would definitely do business with her again.
    20. I bought an IOS Anos head from paxita. Communication, shipping, and everything else was great! Deal with confidence. :)