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Feedback for peach-and-lime

Aug 10, 2006

    1. Here's my list of all the people I've had transactions with in the past:

      Corpseblossum (fur for shoes)
      Chama (fur wigs for Lahoo wig)
      Anime_Crazed ($ + outfits for DoT Lahoo)

      Group Order Organizers:
      nightfall_walker (SD black boots w/cross)

      p^th3T!k~grrr1 (SD sized bowler hats)
      p^th3T!k~grrr1 (SD sized fur wrap)
      aernath (SD sized pink sparkly clips)
      emel (MSD sized dress shirt, jeans, loafers)
      FunnyLori(2 SD sized guns)
      the_unnaccepted1(1 SD sized gun)
      Abbeymore (2 sets of MSD gloves)

      kittie98 (Shiwoo Vampire head)
      shiroi_yukiko (DiM R-Asiam)
      Enki (DoD Too + extras)
      honestrabbit (fur)
      Yuriko_Terachi (blue cross shirt)
      psychodragon82 (DoC peace hand)
      timchener (sculpyeyes)
      tkay (U wig)
      Becca (teal and red skull shirts)
      Toccyn (luts body)
      gunbunny (MNF Shiwoo)
      dodgerscrubs (white DoD shorts)
      krzmbear (card suit shirt)
      Achsfan (Unicorn Yder modded head)
      Ravendolls (3 sets of shoes)
      Seiko (NS Luts El SS head)
      ArvanahModray (Obitsu Haruka head)
      Blackeyeliner (5 sets of eyes)
      Leechy (Nanuri 07 and Lishe heads)
      Devil's Trill (red cat eyes)
      aikoe (2 sets of eyes)
      wc_dragon (eyes)

      Please leave me any feedback here if we traded/ bought or sold from each other, so I can do the same for you! XD
    2. Peach and lime is a great trader!! i got my package in just a few days and everything went well. Peach and like is a pleasure to trade with!!! i recomend them highly :D
    3. ^w^ lucky to see your thread!
      yes! peach-and-lime is really a good buyer :)
      fast payment and very friendly :)
    4. peach-and-lime bought a doll from me recently and was very helpful every step of the way! Very friendly and highly recommended. ^__^
    5. peach-and-lime is an excellent buyer.
      Very nice, polite, and prompt with payment. ^_^
    6. I purchased 3 - SD sized bowler hats w/ embellishments from peach-and-lime and they are great!!!! :cheer They arrived very quickly and peach-and-lime made sure to inspect them before shipment and noticed some flaws --- immediately contacted me with this information and offered to cancel or reduce the price to compensate :abow: --- I am greatful for the 'looking out' and still wanted them :3nodding:
    7. Once a again peach-and-lime had a great, unique item for sale --- SD sized fur wrap mink stole--- it is everything she said it was "This is a beautiful doll sized stole made out of real fur; we believe that it is real mink, but are not 100% sure. It is a beautiful dark chocolate color, is lined in satin, and is in great condition as it does not shed." :thumbup

      I am so glad I went through the listings and found/got this :celebrate Thx!!!
    8. Wonderful buyer, super fast payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you! :)
    9. Great to work with!! I traded my Lahoo wig for three fur wigs, and I love them :]] Awesome communication and very friendly~~ would definitely trade/buy/sell whatever with again!! <3 <3 ^__^
    10. Peach-and-lime bought a wig from me recently. I got the money really fast and she was very friendly (as well as patient with me ^^; )
      Thank you very much :D
    11. Peach-and-Lime bought a doll from me, she paid very fast(can't thank her enough for her help) and was a very pleasant buyer.
    12. Excellent seller! Bought some hair clips, and they were wrapped so well, not a single one broke in the mail! :)
    13. I sold the DOD U fullset outfit to Peach-and-Lime and the transaction was incredibly smooth! Wonderful person to deal with, great communication-- and I was informed when the product was delivered. :D THANKS SO MUCH!!
    14. Very prompt buyer. Pleasant to deal with! ^_^
    15. Wonderful buyer, paid fast and has excellent communication.
    16. PnL bought a head from me on a short layaway. Paymebt was fast, communication was great and the experince was awsome! A wonderful buyer and person to work with!

      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy him. ^^
    17. Good transaction. Fast payment, nice person :D Please trade with peach-and-lime with the utmost confidence :)
    18. Fast payment, patient, and very sweet and understanding when the postal service failed to perform. Great trader!
    19. i got my mnf clothes through this morning (very fast) and they are lovely i am very pleased peachs and lime is a wonderful person to deal with! thank you! :D
    20. I got some AWESOME guns from PeachandLime. Everything was AWESOME! The communication was Great! The guns were much cooler than expected! The shipping was really reasonable, and arrived much faster than I expected!

      WONDERFUL is an understatement!