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Feedback for PegasusxCroquet

Feb 28, 2008

    1. PegasusxCroquet bought a K-SS head from me and the transaction has been wonderful! Very prompt with payment and an extremely nice person in general. I would do business with PegasusxCroquet again in a heartbeat!
    2. PegasusxCroquet participated in my dollmore group order. Quick payments and friendly to deal with. Welcome to any of my future GOs
    3. PegasusxCroquet bought a pair of eyes from me~ everything went smoothly! She's very friendly and even did Paypal experiments with me, haha! She also let me know when they arrived, which I appreciate.
    4. Joined a dollmore order I ran. Paid quickly and was an awesome member to the order. Would love to deal with again ^^
    5. Excellent transaction and great communication. A smooth process with a great person!

      Thanks so much!

    6. Purchased a pair of pants from me. Very fast payment and easy communication. Pleasure to deal with overall! Thank you!
    7. I recently sold a MSD outfit to pegasusxcroquet-communication was great, payment was quick and she was a sweetheart throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better transaction :)
    8. Bought an MSD item from me. Paid right away and very fine communication. Thanks so much.
    9. I bought a pair of Dollmore hands for her, and it was a very pleasant transaction. Conversation was very nice and quick, and the hands were shipped out superfast. I received them in perfect condition today. I would love to trade with her again :)
    10. PegasusxCroquet commissioned a face-up from me. She was very friendly and communicated well. Payment was made promptly. A pleasure to deal with^^
    11. I bought a BBB Sprite from PegasusxCroquet and she was kind enough to ship him strung for me upon request for a bit extra for shipping. She also included a cute hoodie so he's not sitting totally naked on my shelf right now. ^_^ Very pleasant to communicate with, would definitely buy from again.
    12. Did a great trade with this lovely lady
      went great and was very understanding of time!!!

      quickly arrived at mah house too
    13. PegasusxCroquet bought a pair of shoes from me. The transaction went by super fast and I really enjoyed chatting, it was great! I'd love the opportunity to work with PegasusxCroquet again!
    14. I bought a wig from PegasusxCroquet, and would happily buy from her again. Thank you!
    15. PegasusxCroquet was part of an Angell Studio GO I hosted. Great communication and quick payment.

      Due to a finance issue we had to work out a special deal for her, and she lived up to her end of it perfectly.

      I would deal with her again in a heart beat, and she is a perfect participant for any group order!

      Thanks for joining! :)
    16. I bought a DoC New Girl body from PegasusxCroquet and the transaction was flawless! She shipped the day after I paid and the package arrived in two days! The body was in excellent condition and I couldn't be happier!

      Thanks again Pegasus, I would gladly do business with you again!
    17. PegasusxCroquet bought my DOC body from me and paid around 3 seconds after she sent me a PM saying she would ^_^ We communicated frequently and quickly. I would do business with her again :) Thank you!!
    18. I was commissioned by PegasusxCroquet for a faceup on her Leira. In her transactions with me she payed her deposit promptly and her communication to me was great. Unfortunately she was unhappy with the faceup in the end. I did agree and tell her that I was sorry for sending her back without notifying her of the edits that I did or did not do. For her wanting a refund for the shipping that she payed, I was willing to refund the $2.80 amount to her only because it was my fault in not sending a final photo to her. But in the end she did not want that small of a refund. I have two payment methods, Full and partial, to accommodate the paypal fees and shipping, and for the amount of deposit that a person is willing to pay. I will not notify whether a refund should be issued to customers that have read that only for full payments I charge a clean flat rate.

      PegasusxCroquet was a great person to do transactions with, and her not liking the faceup WAS all because I did not do all the edits.
    19. Bought a Tender Bee-A head from PegasusxCroquet. She was awesome to work with and held the head for me for nearly two weeks, and shipped promptly once I paid. The head arrived in excellent condition and well packaged. 100% satisfied and highly recommended, thanks so much!!
    20. PegasusxCroquet was a wonderful participant in my Camellia Dynasty Group Order. Timely payments, friendly communication, and endless patience made for a perfectly pleasant experience. Thanks so much~