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Feedback for Penstemongrower

Jan 30, 2010

    1. About time I did this! If you have done business with me, please post feedback! I will do the same for you. Thank you!!!
    2. Penstemongrower bought a Dollzone Tanning Kay from me. She was very friendly, answered her emails quickly and paid promptly. It was a pleasure doing business with her. Highly recommended.

    3. I commissioned Joan for an outfit that was based on one of the outfits of a certain character from the manga Alichino.

      I think the whole commission lasted for about a week - more than half of it was spent with sorting out the fabrics (which she was patient enough to guide me through) to be used and the modifications that needed to be done on the outfit and about 2 days for the actual sewing. Yes, she's that fast!

      Overall, I am really satisfied with the finished product and for sure if I feel the need for another customized outfit, she will be on my list.

      Thank you again!
    4. I got Joan to make me a dress based on my fevered imagination, and she did a stunning job of interpreting my ramblings and weird refrence pics. And really quickly too and at a very reasonable price. She's first on my list for commision work from now on! And I highly recommened her to anyone and everyone.

      Thank you so much Joan you're a genius :D
    5. I commissioned Joan for a Victorian inspired dress and a 30es pilot's costume. Wonderful communication, very punctual and polite. She asked me a lot of questions regarding the details, the materials, etc. and finished both outfits within a week, I believe.
      The outfits were sent out quickly after payment and arrived today. I'm really pleased to see them - the quality is wonderful, with lots of careful details planned. Thank you!
      A recommended artist and definitely on my list for future commissions ^___^
    6. Joan made me a awesome frock coat for my SD boy again doing an amazing job with the one cruddy picture I had and my ramblings of how it wasn't exactly what I wanted so could she do this instead. Highly highly recommended.

      She's still a genius =3
    7. Yet another commission based on my design and hazy explanations turned into a wonderful Victorian styled dress. Thank you very much!
    8. I commissioned Penstemongrower to make an outfit for my DZ X and having received it today I am absolutely delighted with it! She has been patience itself with me and has created something that exactly fits my needs - and my doll! I couldn't be happier, I would commission her again in a heartbeat and Joan definitely goes on my would highly recommend list (and in fact I already have recommended her! :D) for being an awesome seller and a top notch seamstress. Thank you again! :)
    9. Penstemongrower made some awesome eyepatches for my boy Pinion. I requested two but she sent three extra (five total) with different fabric patterns just for fun, and they all fit perfectly. :D She works quickly too, and shipped out super fast. I highly recommend her!
    10. Penstemongrower made an awesome steampunk outfit for me. She was great to communicate with and very friendly. She works super fast, does great work, and some how magics the packages here really fast! Thought I'd add a pic of my steampunked outfit for fun! :aheartbea

    11. I commissioned Joan to make a cosplay outfit for my doll. It was great working with her as she did her best to make sure everything was made to perfection! The communication and dedication she put into the work was the best part of the whole project. The outfit was lovely, and I dare say I've never seen one as accurate as what she had made. Thanks loads!
    12. I commissioned Penstemongrower to make an original steampunk outfit for my SD girl and it was definitely, hands down, the best commission and transaction I have had to date on DOA. She used her artistic vision and style to make my ideas come to life and I had a blast working with her. Her communication is detailed, pleasant, and professional. She finished the outfit quicker than I expected, and it has surpassed my expectations for quality, style, originality, and value for the price. She is an extremely talented artist with a high level of design and sewing skill that I would highly recommend to anyone considering a sewing commission.

      Thanks so much for everything and I know I will be back to work with you on another commission again!
    13. I commissioned Penstemongrower for an outfit for my Chalco, once she was done with her other commissions it only took her 2 days to do mine! She is surprisingly fast and extremely skilled. The outfit is perfect, exactly what I was wanting. Communication was great, she's super friendly and helpful. I can't wait to commission her again, she will be my 1st choice! Thank you soooooo much! :)
    14. I commissioned Joan to make a hybrid shirt from a couple of different styles I'd found and she made exactly what I wanted! She even agreed to use some vintage fabric I had. Quick turnaround too. The shirt is finished beautifully -- I'm very pleased! :)
    15. I approached Joan once more to work on two sets of very specific outfits for my dolls and once again she has pulled it off remarkably! The outfits look amazing with no compromise on quality. Again, she had kept constant communication regarding updates and questions on the outfits so that they would be as accurate as possible.

      Love the dedication she had put into the handicraft, thanks so much!
    16. Joan bought a Jessica from me and was a pure pleasure to deal with. She bought her on a 2 month layaway, was quick and prompt with payment and very friendly. I would highly recommend her.
    17. I commissioned Joan for some suits for a character I'm working on and she did a remarkable job. She was quick to respond, answered all my questions and was really great to work with. She spent a whole day emailing me back and forth discussing everything from the fabrics to pocket placement. The finished products were amazing and shipped to me carefully wrapped and in a timely fashion once the project was completed. I will definitely look her up again when I need some more custom made outfits :D

      Thanks so much for everything!!!
    18. :) I commissioned Joan to do a fully custom fantasy design, from my odd mind. The time she quoted me was spot-on accurate; once she'd finished her other commissions she only took a few days with mine! ^^ She asked tons of questions, which was great, and gave me lots of WIP pics--and she was able to do it from just a handful of my own drawings! The fabric is lovely and it's well-stitched and solid and soft. It fits her splendidly. (She even sent a little extra ribbon in case the closure had an oopsie. x3)

      Excuse my mess in thic pic--I wanted some instant-gratification spam and wasn't feeling well enough to take her to a better photo environment. >.>; I just have to share nonetheless!

      I definitely think I'll be back for more, when I'm able. :)
    19. I love Joan's work! I had commissioned two outfits before, and loved them so much I just had to have her make my little fairy outfit for my MSD. As always she is a pleasure to do business with, and sends lots of progress pics :) My fairy dress is perfect and I can"t wait to show it off at meet ups:) I will definitely commission some more things from her in the future. Thanks so much!
    20. Yesterday arrived the TRC Outfit I commissioned to Joan. I am really in love with it! Joan is a great talent and she is suck a sweet person. So easy to communicate with. She finished the outfit within a week! If I manage to save some money I will most definitely commission to her again :D
      Thank you so much Joan, you are an angel!