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Feedback for Peppermintsheep

Oct 11, 2010

    1. Please post any feedback for me here!

      Thank you~! :)
    2. Peppermintsheep bought a set of MSD girl clothes from me. She paid instantly and is lovely to talk to / work with. I'd never hesitate to sell to again
    3. Peppermintsheep recently participated in a Dollmore GO i hosted. Everything went extremely smooth and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would love to do another GO with them and look forward to working with them again! Thank You for making my first GO so Easy. :)
    4. PeppermintSheep recently participated in the second half of my 18th Leekeworld pre-order run and our transaction was a pleasant one from beginning to end. :) Communication from their end left nothing at all to be desired and invoices were responded to in a timely fashion. Smooth and easy all the way - I would be happy to do business with them again~

      ♥[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]♥
    5. Peppermintsheep joined my LUTS Go recently and was wonderful to deal with! She paid her share promptly and was an excellent communicator! Thanks again for helping this GO...well, go smoothly!
    6. Peppermintsheep participated in the DollMore group order that I ran.
      I am very pleased to have had them in my GO.
      Peppermintsheep was very patient, paid on time, and let me know when the order reached them.

      Thank you very much.
    7. Peppermintsheep hosted a split I participated in. She was very friendly, kept in communication and the entire transaction was very smooth. She shipped quickly and was very courteous about it! I would definitely participate in a split with her again. Thank you!
    8. This lovely person took part in my October 2011 Dollmore Go, everthing went very very well! Would recommend to anyone (So very sorry for the HUGE delay!)
    9. Peppermintsheep purchased a Blue Fairy Shiny Fairy Hana from me and was a dream to work with! She had great communication, prompt payment and a heart full of patience as it took longer for me to ship her dollie than first thought. Would definitely recommend Peppermintsheep to anyone!!

      Thank you!!!!
    10. Peppermintsheep took part in my recent Luts GO and I just have to say that it was an extremely pleasant transaction. All of her responsed and posts were kind, she responded promptly to invoicing and PM's, and was a great help in making my first GO a great success. I would gladly do any sort of business with her again.
    11. +Positive!+

      Peppermintsheep joined my Dream of Tale GO recently. She was an absolute darling to work with. Communication and payment were received speedily and she let me know when the item arrived. I have no complaints whatsoever. I'd gladly include her in any future GOs that I may have! Thanks for everything!
    12. Peppermintsheep participated in my GO.
      She promptly sent in all the payments and kindly let me know when too. A great participant.
      Thank you!
    13. Peppermintsheep participated in my Bluefairy GO and was a fantastic participant through the whole process! Good communicator and fast payments, I would definitely love to have her as a participant in a GO of mine again!
    14. PeppermintSheep participated in my recent Leeke Group Order and she was very pleasant and easy to work with :) Her payments were prompt, communication was great and she was always very clear with what she wanted. Thanks for the great experience, I would love to have her participate in my future GO's!
    15. Merry participated in my group order from BlueFairy. She was very easy to work with, made my first hosted-group order go very smoothly. Thanks so much!
    16. Peppermintsheep was a returning participant in my LeekeWorld Winter GO (sorry for the lateness >_<;;; ). Once again, she was a fantastic participant. Payments were quick and all communication was very friendly and polite. Thank you so much for joining :)
    17. Peppermintsheep participated in my HUGE Leeke World GO and was a sweetheart to deal with, paid her invoices on time and even gave me the option to keep her extra wig that Leeke accidentally shipped. I told her I'd ship it if it fit in the small flat rate box--and keep it if it didn't, but it did! Which I'm glad for since I would've felt really bad having to sell it and now she has an extra just in case :D♥! Thanks so much, and I would gladly do business with you in the future!
    18. Peppermintsheep bought a BlueFairy ShinyFairy May on a Junior Blossom body from me. Absolutely amazing buyer, wonderful to work with! Thank you so much!!
    19. Peppermintsheep purchased 2 pocket fairies from me and the transaction was perfect! Communications were great, payment was quick, and follow up was also friendly and fast. I highly recommend Peppermintsheep as a buyer!
    20. Peppermintsheep bought an outfit set from me and the transaction was as great as it could be. :) The buyer was super pleasant to deal with, prompt and immediately notified me upon the package's arrival. A pleasure to do business with and I would not hesitate to do more again.

      Thank you very much! :aheartbea