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Feedback for Pepstar

Jun 20, 2006

    1. I was recently lucky enough to commission Lisa to do a faceup and manicure on my Soulkid Griffi. It was a wonderful transaction! Everything went perfectly from the time it took to the shipping. My Griffi is absolutely stunning! I highly recommend Lisa at Pepstar, not that she needs it, her work speaks for itself.:)

    2. Agreed!

      I did a trade with Lisa recently, her customer service and communication are first rate, her packaging is fabulous and her workmanship is just exquisite..

      Ixia is my first professional face up.. and I will look no further when I need more dolls painted :>

      Your girl is incredible, you are right, her face up is perfect for her :>

      Seek peace

    3. Lisa does incredible work. and though I havnt had the pleasure of sending one of my girls to her. but I know people who have. and there always thrilled with there dolls once shes done.. A truly talented super nice person all the way around..
    4. Lisa transformed my plain jane Naomi (SD Kira) into a dark beauty. Her service was super fast and the quality of her work is outstanding. I totally recommend her if you are looking for a fantastic and unique face up for your Ball jointed dolls. She is super sweet and great to work with!!!!!
    5. I sold my Miyu to Pepstar...she paid promptly, was friendly and quick...my Miyu is very happy to be in the hands of such an artist!!
    6. Lisa is truely gifted. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my Miyu to look like but couldn't quite describe it verbally. In no time at all she produced one of the most stunning dolls I have ever seen. All through mind reading. This person's work is just amazing!
    7. I bought an ace of spades choker from Pepstar off of eBay and the shipping was super quick, and the necklace makes my doll look like a little mob boss or something! :apirate:
    8. Thanks, guys!!! You are so sweet!!! It's been my pleasure working with y'all!!!
    9. Pepstar is so kind and so understanding. Dealing with her was a pleasure as she was so kind reguards the whole issue with the post office. I highly recommend her! <3

      Thank you again for being so kind! :D
    10. I bought two wigs from her which she shipped promptly and were in great condition my boy just loves them ^_^ thanks pepstar
    11. I commissioned Lisa to do a faceup on my Souldoll Clara with default faceup. She did an awesome job with an extremely quick turnaround.

    12. I just received my beautiful Dollstown Soph from Lisa and she is breathtaking!
    13. Lisa just bought my Nono and it couldn't have been a better transaction. Nono was delighted to move in with her. Thanks Lisa!
    14. What can I say? Lisa bought my CP Delf Miyu and was so patient and understanding even when USPS gave us the run around.
      I thank her sincerely for her faith and lightening fast payment.
      You rock girl!
    15. I sold a CP boys body to Lisa and the communication and payment was very speedy :) She was a great buyer ~ Thanks!
    16. I bought some CP hands from her and they were perfect and v. quickly delivered!! :)
    17. I purchased a Ryung head from Pepstar, it was packed well and shipping was fast. Excellent transaction!
    18. I bought a Breakaway head from pepstar, the transaction was extremely fast and she was very friendly! Yay for pepstar!!!
    19. I sold a Delf girl body to Pepstar. She was good with communication, fast with the payment and very friendly, a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Pepstar!! :D
    20. i bought an unpainted head from lisa and she shipped SUPERFAST, SUPERSAFE, and was SUPERWONDERFUL!!

      thank you Lisa! ^__^