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Feedback for perfectly_pink <3

Nov 15, 2008

    1. Please leave me feedback <3 Thank you!!
    2. Perfectly_pink bought clothes from me. She was decisive, didnt waffle and paid immediately when i responded to her. She also let me know when the items arrived. Very professional and courteous. I would love to transact with her again be it selling or buying. thank you!
    3. perfectly_pink bought a pair of eyes from me and paid promptly! Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    4. Sold some items to perfectly_pink, great communication and paid promptly :)
      Would def. sell to again! Thanks
    5. I sold a leekeworld wig to perfectly_pink and it was a very smooth transaction through and through! Excellent buyer who paid quickly. No hitches! ^_^ I would not hesitate to sell to her again if she has anything else she wants to purchase in the future.

      Totally recommended! : ) Thanks!
    6. perfectly_pink purchased a dress from me. paid when she said she would and kept good communication throughout the transaction. Thanks!
    7. Perfectly_pink purchased a pair of shoes from me and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. Great communication, fast payment, very friendly. Thank you!
    8. She bought a wig from me was very kind and fast to pay...will sell to her again! :)
    9. Perfectly_pink bought a leeke wig from me, she was a pleasure to deal with. A great customer! ;)
    10. I bought a unoa bust from Perfectly_pink. Great from the word go!
    11. I purchased some eyes from perfectly_pink, and everything went smoothly. Thanks!
    12. I bought a SSW top and HDS skirt from Perfectly_pink. Communication was great, and the items were shipped quickly. Thanks so much!
    13. I purchased an Unoa stock wig from perfectly_pink, she shipped it quickly and was lovely to deal with ^_^ Would not hesitate to do business with her again!! ^_^
    14. I purchased a mnf ShuShu from perfectly_pink.I couldn't be happier with her :) I am amazed with how quickly she arrived.She was packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition.Wonderful communication and a pleasure to deal with.
      Thank you for letting me adopt this lovely girl :)
    15. I bought a beautiful pink mohair wig from Perfectly_Pink. She was wonderful to deal with, very sweet and kind. The wig is in lovely condition, hopefuly it'll fit the doll its intended for! : D Thank you so much!
    16. I bought a mini-skirt from perfectly_pink! She was very nice, answered all my questions and shipped the skirt quickly! The skirt is adorable and in great condition, so I was very happy.

      Would definitely buy again! Thank you for selling to me :)
    17. I recently did a face up for perfectly_pink and she was a dream to work with. Paid promptly and very understanding. Would recommend :)
    18. I bought a Volks Nana head from perfectly_pink. The head arrived WAY fast, was well packed, all in all a super transaction. Thanks again!!
    19. perfectly_pink brought a coat from me!
      wonderful transaction !
      thanks a lot
    20. Perfectly_Pink did a short layaway with me on a Steampunk outfit I sold her . it was the most pleasant transaction I have ever done. Shes simply a doll I would in a heartbeat do layaway with her again , as well as purchase from or trade with

      I highly recommend this Perfectly_ Pink to anyone that asks