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Feedback for Petitepuce28

Jul 11, 2011

    1. Hello to everyone! :)

      Please, leave feedback here for me if you have had a transaction with me.

      Thank you so much already! :aheartbea
    2. absolutely lovely buyer!

      She bought my minifee ryeon ^^ communication was constant and always nothing but pleasent. She paid right away and still kept excellent communication.

      I wouldn't hesitate to do buisness with her again. unbelievably nice buyer!
    3. I sold my MNF body to Petitepuce28. She is wonderful to deal with! She paid promptly, kept up communications, let me know when her package arrived and left feedback right away. She even was concerned if what she paid for shipping was enough! It was the perfect transaction!

      I recommend her highly!

      Thanks so much, Petitepuce28!
    4. Petitepuce28 bought a MNF-sized sari from me. She was very pleasant to deal with! Friendly, fast with payment and communication was great too ^^

      Thank you so much :)
    5. possibley the nicest BJD owner in the world!

      She bought some MNF clothes from me a few weeks ago and was super lovely, a fast payer and had excellent communication.

      she is a real sweetheart and i could happily deal with again :)
    6. Petitepuce28 bought a doll dress from me and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and very good communication.
      Thanks :)
    7. I sold some items to Petitepuce28, very lovely transaction! fast payment, good comunication ^__^

      I sold a pair of msd, black Dale Rae shoes to Petitepuce28. Very good communication, fast payment and overall very good transaction. I recommend! Thanks! :D
    9. Ms. Anne just bought my pukipuki sugar from me. She paid very promptly and was so absolutely sweet and nice to work with. Highly recommend! :)
    10. Petitepuce28 recently purchased some wigs and an outfit from me. The transaction was marvelous! Despite the communication hurdles, we had a great time hammering out a deal, payment was super prompt, and she let me know as soon as the package arrived.

      A great buyer, and I hope to do business with her again in the future!
    11. Petitepuce28 bought a pair of MSD white shoes from me.
      Transaction was quick and smooth.

      I'd deal with her again anytime ^^
    12. Petitepuce28 bought a minifee miyu head from me.
      She was polite, quick to pay and very friendly.

      Highly recommended! :)
    13. Petitepuce28 bought a Fairyland Minifee Chloe from me. She's a great buyer and a very sweet person! :D I would definitely do business with her again!
    14. I sold Petitepuce28 my Soom Nodia Flute and everything was perfect! Hope to deal with her again! \^0^/
    15. Petitepuce28 purchased a pair of MNF shoes from me. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with!!!! The payment was blazing fast, quick and friendly communication, she even let me know when the shoes arrived!!! Thanks for the smooth and perfect transaction, it was a wonderful experience. A very nice and reliable buyer, I highly recommend her!!! :D
    16. Petitepuce28 and I traded minifee heads. Communication was perfect and shipping was super fast. There was a slight problem with the shipping company on my end but we both received our dolls safely and at the same time. :D She's a lovely person to deal with! Thank you so much! :D
    17. I sold my PKF Zoe to Petitepuce28 and it was a great transaction. Quick payment, friendly thoughtful communication and an all around sweetie! I highly recommend! :D
    18. I had a great transaction with Petitepuce28
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the item
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    19. Petitepuce28 bought a Leekeworld Mable head from me. She was a amazing buyer, I'd recommend her to anyone! A+++ :)
    20. Petitepuce28 bought a Souldoll double jointed body and a Haunted Dollhouse Dress from me on layaway. She had great communication and was prompt with each payment. She let me know when the body arrived. :) I would highly recommend her! Thank you again!