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Feedback for Petra Tpish

Feb 4, 2010

    1. opening this thread for her :)

      POSITIVE feedback
      she bought some socks and a pair of msd shoes from me
      fast payment and nice person to deal with, thank you ^^
    2. Petra Tpish purchased a tiny shirt from me. What a fantastic buyer! Very prompt payment, friendly communication. Thank you again!
    3. Petra Tpish bought a DZ limited edition Izabelle from me. Throughout the transaction, she offered frequent communication, was very understanding of the overseas shipping concerns I had, and was great to deal with. Layaway payments were always on time. THANKS!
    4. Petra bought a Minimee Vincent head off me on layaway, and she was delightful to deal with! She's super friendly, paid on time, and let me know when the head arrived. I'd be very happy to deal with her again. Many thanks once more for everything, wish you well!
    5. Petra purchased a item from me. Wonderful to work with! Fast Payment! Great communication! :) Thank you!
    6. Petra Tpish bought a pair of pants from me and the transaction was perfect.
      -Great communication
      -Prompt payment
      -Let me know as soon as the packaged arrived

      I would gladly do business with Petra Tpish again.

      Thank You
    7. I sold a doll to Petra and it was a smooth transaction and she was very friendly and stayed in touch. Very good to work with! I would highly recommend her. best wishes with your new girl Petra :)
    8. I sold several outfits to Petra. She is a prompt payer and an absolute sweetheart to deal with. Thank you so much :aheartbea
    9. +1
      I sold a set of Glati horns to Petra and it was a wonderful transaction.
      Payment was made on time and communication was great.
      Wonderful buyer.
    10. Petra Tpish bought a pair of Glati wings from me, and she was wonderful to work with! :) She paid immediately, had great communication, and let me know as soon as they arrived. I highly recommend selling to her!
    11. Petra bought a head from me. She was really nice and friendly with our communication and let me know when the head arrived. I would gladly deal with her again if need be. Thanks a lot!
    12. Petra Tpish bought a DIM Elena head from me and was a great buyer! She was friendly and the communication was fast between us and everything went according to plan. I would highly recommend her to everyone! :) I would gladly deal with her again.:)
    13. Petra Tpish bought a pair of AI hooves from me :) Payment was quick and communication was great :D Thanks!
    14. Petra Tpish recently purchased K-doll Kian head from me. Payment was VERY prompt, she kept in touch and was all around extremely pleasant to deal with. Thanks so much!

      A+ buyer - I'd definitely do business with her again!
    15. I sold a DIM Minimee head of Miles Edgeworth to Petra, and she was an absolute sweetheart~!

      Would definitely do business again :D

      THANK YOU!
    16. I sold Petra Tpish a pair of Iplehouse girl hands. I had never shipped to Brazil before, but it was easy! Shipping from me to her took about a month for first class international, but it wasn't a problem at all. :D Thank you for the very positive transaction!
    17. She bought a head from me and the transaction went really smoothly =3

      +1 feedback~
    18. Positive! Petra Tpish bought a doll body from me via layaway. The communication was wonderful; both prompt and friendly. The payments were always on time as planned too. Perfect buyer! Thank you!
    19. Petra bought Minifee Ruth and Juri heads from me. She was very friendly and very patience. I would definitely do business with her again.

      Many thanks!!! :)
    20. Petra Tpish purchased two pairs of MNF hands from me. and was a fantastic buyer! Very prompt payment, friendly communication. She also let me know when the hands arrived safely. I highly recommend her to anyone, who considering selling to her.

      Thank you so much! ^^