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Feedback for Phantasmagoria

Jun 22, 2009

    1. This is where to leave feedback for moi!

      If you have purchased items from me, or if I've given your doll a faceup or mods, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

      Thank you.
    2. Even though most of my dolls faces have been redone by now, Phantasmagoria has done a face up for all except one of my dolls. I still have pics of them floating around on DoA. The most noticeable one is my former Malik (from Yugioh)
    3. Phantasm has now done two faceups for me, both of which are amazing. She has a real knack for matching the personality of the doll she's working with and has a very steady hand. I especially love the metallic paint she did with Kishi, my DZ Freilian - very unusual and very lovely.
      Also, I adore the work she's done on her own Caterpillar. Kind of beside the point for my own feedback, but it's the reason I knew what I wanted for my Freilian <3
    4. Phantasmagoria did a faceup (with a very intricate fantasy tattoo) on my LS Wolfram doll this morning for me. I gave her a picture of what I wanted, and she made it even better than I imagined. Her prices were reasonable too.

      She's an amazing artist and a lovely gal. <3 <3 <3
    5. An amazing artist! Phantasmagoria re-did my boy, Chen-wi's, face. It was better than I ever imagined! I explained waht I wanted exactly, and she hit the nail right on the head. He's absolutely gorgeous now. It was like I fell in love all over again with him! Thank you so much!
    6. Sold a Dolkot Kiss head to Phantasmagoria, she was very polite in her questions and expressing her interest in buying my head. She paid paid when she said she would, and was wonderful to deal with. Thanks.
    7. I got my Abio Angel Yi, Ren's face-up re-done by her and she did it just how I explained! Colors were correct, very detailed, and not rushed at all. I was very pleased wen he came back. Sent me progress photos and asked if I wanted anything changed every step. Thank you very much, again!
    8. She purchased an Elfdoll June head from me, good communication and fast payment. Lets do business again sometime :)
    9. I got my DOD Tender Elf Sha's face-up done by her. She's always very wonderful to work with and does the face-ups in a beautiful manner. I'll be looking forward to getting more heads painted by her. <3
    10. I participated in Phantasmagoria's Halloween event, and got a "bat" themed faceup for my NotDoll Belladonna. Phantasmagoria was excellent! She did gorgeous work, with a quick turnaround time, and was very communicative and friendly the whole time. She packaged my doll very carefully on the return trip. She was a dream to work with and I would be very happy to commission her again!
    11. Phantasmagoria bought hooves from me and everything went smooth as it could! She was nice, informative, paid fast when she was supposed to and even paid faster than she said first. ^__^ (we had a small layaway)

      So I can recommend her!
    12. Phantasmagoria just recently finished my SD's face up for me. She does excellent work as always, very sweet, prompt and is a total sweet heart. I recommend her to anyone I talk to about getting/changing a doll's face up. When there was a problem (that wasn't anyone's fault) she told me in detail and even offered to re-do the entire face up. She is an amazing artist and an amazing person. I highly recommend her!
    13. Once again, I got another doll head painted by Phantasmagoria. She did a perfect job with him and I couldn't be happier! I look forward to letting her paint mor of my dolls, for I've never been disappointed. Thank you!
    14. Phantasmagoria is a wonderful person to work with, extremely talented, has great communication & gives you exactly what you are looking for. Recently she did a SD faceup for my Elison and I couldn't be happier with how he turned out. Her artwork is beautiful, highly detailed & she created the overall look that I wanted. I would recommend her to anyone & cannot wait to commission her for future work. Thanks again Phantasmagoria, the experience was truely lovely :aheartbea
    15. Phantasmagoria did a Sci-fi/fantasy face-up for me and did an amazing job. She replied to messages very quickly and the whole process did not take long at all. I am very happy with the results and I highly recommend her.
    16. Hooray for Bianca! Fastest face up transaction I've ever had, and everything was exactly how I wanted it!

      Absolutely no problems at all throughout the process. Thank you!
    17. After getting a meetup faceup from her for my Elfdolls Min Del Re and Lyn and adoring them, I went back to Phantasmagoria to get a faceup for my CH Hyun. She worked well with me and Hyun looks gorgeous! Thank yoou so much, Bianca!
    18. I commissioned Phantasmagoria do a face-up for my MSD (AOD - Chi). They did a wonderful job painting small detail, giving me process photo, and adding tattoo I asked for. The shipping was quick. I would love work with them again the future .
    19. I commissioned Phantasmagoria to do a faceup on my withdoll and mnf boys. She did a beautiful job! Sent tons of progress photos, and had great communication. There could not have been a more perfect transaction. Thanks! (and so sorry for the late feedback)
    20. I bought a Soom Dune head from Phantasmagoria and commissioned her to do a face up on her. The head was wrapped and protected well, and the face up is gorgeous! Thanks for following my instruction about the face up and I really like it :)