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Feedback for Phyrefly717

Dec 30, 2011

    1. Hello! This is my feedback thread. If I have done business/trades with you, or if you just want to tell others how awesome I am ;) , please leave a comment below!

      Thanks a bunch and have an AWESOME day! :)
    2. Phyrefly717 bought a RS Ai from me :) Awesome transaction! She was always very quick with her replies and very understanding as well. Best buyer I could ever ask for :)!
    3. Phyrefly717 bought a DD Neris from me over a layaway and was always communicative. Thank you!
    4. Phyrefly717 bought glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when eyes arrived. Wonderful to deal with! Many Thanks!
    5. Phyrefly717 got two faceups, some tattoo work, some part blushing and some clothing from me in an awesomely smooth transaction! She was nice to talk to and clear on the things she wanted, she handled discussion and little changes wonderfully, she paid promptly and let me know right away when everything arrived back! All things I love in a client ^.^ I'd love to work with her again!
    6. Steph bought a doll body from me, she was a darling all the way, she let me know when it would be possible to pay and let me know when the package reached her. Communication was smooth, friendly. Defo a recommend. Looking forward to see your boy all put together! Thankyou~
    7. Phyrefly717 bought a LUTS SDF head from me and was lovely throughout! Would definitely do business with her again, thank you! ^_^
    8. Phyrefly717 bought luts winter'08 event head from me. The transaction went smoothly and she let me know as soon as head arrived.
      Highly recommended! :aheartbea