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Feedback for Picturemeperfect

Sep 23, 2008

    1. Hey, this is a touch over due, but if you've done business with me at all I'd appreciate feedback to be posted here. :)
    2. picturemeperfect commissioned me an outfit for her doll and everything went perfect!! :D She's lovely, very prompt payment and wonderful communication!!^___^ I hope to work for her again soon!!!^_____^ THANK YOU!
    3. I was commissioned by picturemeperfect for a steampunk top hat; and I really enjoyed working with her. She kept me well informed with what details she wanted with the hat, and was very punctual with the payment. :sumomo: I hope that I'll be able to work with her in the future. X3
      Thank you again!!! :whee:
    4. I sold Picturemeperfect a doll bed and handmade bedding. Communication was open and payment was prompt. A pleasure to work with!
    5. Sold a wig to picturemeperfect in response to a WTB thread. Communication was pleasant and payment was quick. Very friendly to work with. Thanks!
    6. Picturemeperfect bought a pair of Soom eyes off me; the transaction went smoothly, payment and communication were both swift. A real pleasure to do business with :D
    7. I bought a Wicked Stitchery outfit and it was a perfect transaction - fast and friendly responses and superfast shipping, and the outfit arrived in brand-new condition and even more beautiful than the photo showed. Thank you so much!
    8. Picturemeperfect bought a cloak from me. She paid immediately and was willing to wait until I could get out to ship it. Very nice person to deal with! Thanks so much!
    9. Picturemeperfect bought a pair of eyes from me and everything went silk smooth, she even let me know when it arrives, thank you! :aheartbea
    10. picturemeperfect sold me a Dollzone Ray MSD boy and she is a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Excellent doll just as she described. Great PM communication and she sent him out promptly, packed with extra loving care. Would do business with her again and again. Thanks a million!
    11. I bought an amazing SD/MSD "High back arm chair"from Picturemeperfect. I adore it! It is goregeous! I could not be happier! Thanks so much!!!:D
    12. bought a shirt from this seller.Friendly in pm's fast shipping a wonderful transaction.
    13. I did a trade with Picturemeperfect. She was very patient, waiting for me to get everything all together. Once that was all settled, she shipped the doll out quickly and it arrived quickly. Overall, she's extremely patient and understanding. Awesome seller! <3 thank you!
    14. I sold a pair pants to Picturemeperfect, and the transaction is great! Thank you ~
    15. I participated in a split Picturemeperfect ran, and everything went great! She was awesome at keeping us updated and had everything packed up and shipped out really quickly even though she was really busy at the time. I would definitely be happy to do another split with her in the future.:D Thank-you!
    16. I was in a split with Picturemeperfect and she was great with updates, communication and shipping. I really enjoyed this experience as it was my first split and she was so nice and helpful!..<3 Thank you picturemeperfect!
    17. I sold a Luo to picturemeperfect who stuck to her payment arrangement perfectly and kept in touch throughout the entire process. Great transaction thank you!
    18. I recently participated in a split hosted by picturemeperfect for IH Luna's kitty head. She was awesome to deal with, and kept us all up to date :D She was also very helpful and went above and beyond with shipping. Would definitely love to split with her again sometime! Thanks!!
    19. I just had my second transaction with Picturemeperfect, and everything was great again. Iplehouse originally forgot the collar from the Luna-Tamer outfit I got in the split with her and she was super helpful and very prompt in writing to them and letting them know as soon as I noticed it was missing. She was ordering more clothes from them at the same time, and asked if I wanted to add anything else. She was very prompt with the shipping and kept up good communication even though she was busy with final exams.

      I would definitely be happy to do business with her again.:D
    20. I got a piece of furniture from Picturemeperfect and it arrived quickly! I didn't expect it to come for a few more weeks! Thanks so much!:);):lol: