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Feedback for Pikeh

May 20, 2009

    1. Feedback thread for Pikeh.


      Feedback thread, please leave messages if you have had any transactions with myself and thanks in advance.
    2. Pikeh bought a DOT Sha from me. ^^ Communication was smooth, payment was fast and on time, and everything just went perfectly until the day she received him and informed me. I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her again in the future! Definitely a trusthworthy buyer. ^^

      Thank you so much for adopting one of my babies. I'm sure you two will have fun together! ^^ *big hugs*
    3. I had another transaction with Pikeh. ^^ She bought a pair of Dollmore eyes from me. Communication was sweet, payment was quick, and she let me know as soon as she received the package. ^^ Thanks so much for the nice transaction!
    4. Flaky Feedback

      - Pikeh contacted me on 01/11 to ask about three items I have for sale.
      - She wanted photos of these on a doll but I was on holiday so I sent the photos on 05/11. Between the first enquiry and the photos I sent, I received quick replies from Pikeh.
      - PMs seemed to stop after I had sent the photos until the 10/11 when Pikeh told me she was "definatley interested in the wig only". I replied quickly to let her know the shipping costs as requested.
      - No reply. I PMed her to ask if she was still interested in the wig on the 15/11. She had been online several times.
      - I got a reply on 19/11 stating "Yes, still interested!!! Sorry about my belated reply, life...[/end]" I then sent my Paypal details over
      - 23/11 I PMed again asking if my message with my Paypal details was received. Pikeh replied on 24/11 stating the money had been sent. I have not received any money at all. I PM back to ask what the address it was coming from was. I also double checked all my old messages to make sure my address was spelt correctly which it was. It was only here that Pikeh told me that she was having Internet troubles and was using a friend's/school PC to check messages...despite being online often. She promised me an update the following day.
      -On 28/11 I sent Pikeh a message stating that I would not be selling her the wig if I hadn't heard from her by 30/11. I haven't had any messages back from her despite many messages sent to her and giving her my email. She was online today and still hasn't messaged me.

      To be honest, I don't really know why I waited so long. I guess I was too trusting. I won't be dealing with Pikeh again :(
    5. NOT GOOD
      Pikeh had contacted me expressing interest in ED eyes I was selling on 10/5/10. After setting up with Pikeh a hold and payment for the following week, which Pikeh had agreed that she would not be a flak. Pikeh promptly was contacted 10/13 and sent an pp invoice then. I had ask Pikeh to send me a pm with her shipping address and when the payment was paid. It's been 2+ mos now (1/1/11). I cancelled the hold and invoice today. ​
      Overall: Pikeh reneged on her words, stopped communication-unable to complete transaction, lacked in ettiquette when dealing with buying and selling on DOA, and honestly I would not want to "Try" to business with her again.
    6. Pikeh bought a wig from me. She paid fast and everything was great! I will definitely deal with her agian! =D Thank you very much!
    7. Pikeh bought my spare Adamelli/Shale head last Friday, she kept in contact with me until we met up in the city to exchange, very lovely girl to deal with. Thank you~
    8. Pikeh bought a wig from me. Excellent buyer, payment was prompt and communication very good. :3 Highly recommended, thank you!
    9. Pikeh bought a lovesprung skirt from me, she was a pleasure to deal with and I definitely recommend her! :)
    10. Pikeh bought a pair of shoes from me. Excellent communication and very prompt payment, fantastic to deal with and highly recommended!
    11. Pikeh bought some clothes from me, thanks for your purchase, all went well :)
    12. Pikeh bought an outfit from me. Entire transaction was excellent - friendly conversations, fast payment and let me know when the item arrived. Thank you!
    13. I sold a Minifee Ryeon OE head to Pikeh. She was the perfect buyer, i could not be happier with her! She is very friendly and it is pleasure to deal with! All communication was perfect and nice. She was kindly enough to let me know when she arrived!! <3<3<3. I highly recommend her as buyer!!thank you very, very much my dear! *________*
    14. Pikeh joined a Leekeworld GO I was hosting and it has been a delightful experience from the very beggining *.*.

      She always was so kind and polite in every of her messages... with a nice conversation :3 that I enjoyed a lot ^^. So fast answering all the messages and it even faster making the payments. Also let me know when the package arrived to her as soon as she got it ^^. I don't have any doubt at all that I would love to deal with her if she allows me to do so ^^.

      Thank you so much sweetie for being so nice ^^ !! Hope to see you soon again !!
    15. Pikeh was a participant in my fourteenth Fairyland group order and was just great to work with. (: They were very communicative and kept me well informed of things from their end every step of the way and payments were sent along precisely when they were scheduled to be. I don't have anything bad to say about our transaction but I definitely can say that I would be more than willing to work with them again~

      Thankies!! &#9829;
    16. not good,

      she wanted to buy my shall head,
      she wanted on layaway. so it was fine for me.
      she did do her firts payment
      after a mont i had to ask or she still wanted her couse the second payment stayd uout.
      she diddnt answere,
      when i pmd that she had to pay or react before monday or she would go back in sale
      she react with onley the text i pay tuesday.
      on wensday still nothing.
      now 2 weeks later no money or reaction anymore.

      i would not deal with her again
    17. I participated in a split for a Luts Vega with Pikeh. Everything went fantastic. She payed for her part promptly and everything went smooth including communication. I would definitely work with her again. Thanks.
    18. I comissioned a face-up from Pikeh. The work was stunning. Communication was great and I would recommend Pikehs work to anybody.
    19. Pikeh bought my Soony head from me. She was easy to work with, communication was very smooth. Paid very promptly once we figured out our transaction details. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy Soony! :)

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    20. Pikeh bought a Little Monica Harmony Girl body from me on layaway.
      There were a few hiccups along the way, due to family and life; but we managed to work it all out in the end. She's lovely, friendly and honest and I'm glad the body has gone to a good home. :)