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Feedback for Pikelets

Oct 6, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello my darlings~ :)

      Please leave your feedback for me here!

      Thank you!

    2. Pikelets took over as leader in an art card swap I was in and handled it very nicely. She is even making those of us who's partners flaked cards, which is above what I would have expected. I would definitely join if she held another swap!
    3. I actually joined an art swap who was started by someone else, though for some particular reasons, the host couldn't continue with her duty and so Pikelets then took over to be the host of the art swap. She informed everybody, especially the people who did not receive their cards yet and tried to fix the problems. I would definitely join future swaps held by her. :>
    4. Pikelets took over leading an ATC swap I participated in, she was a lovely host and took care of all the little issues, keeping in regular contact with all via the swap thread. I would be happy to join any future swaps she would hold!
    5. Pikelets "hosted" an ATC swap I was in, after something happened and the original host could not continue.

      Pikelets really went above and beyond as the new host of the swap. Made sure everyone got a card, and if they didn't offered to do the cards for those people herself! In my case, she went further and found me a new partner so that it would still be a surprise :aheartbea

      Pikelets was also always super nice and pleasant to deal with. Would totally join another swap if she hosted :aheartbea