Feedback for PinkPlushii

Nov 2, 2009

    1. Hello all! If you've ever done any sort of transaction with me, whether it be me buying something off of you, or you buying something off of me, please leave honest and appropriate feedback in this thread. Thank you for your time! :)
    2. PinkPlushii participated in my third Shoes and Boots group order and we had a wonderfully pleasant transaction! Communication from her end was perfectly kept and payments were sent in swiftly. She even post pictures in my picture request thread, which I appreciate so much. I's do business with her again in a heartbeat.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in this order! :pcake:bcake
    3. PinkPlushii bought doll outfits from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    4. PinkPlushii ordered a fur wig from me, and the transaction couldn't have been better! Communication was swift and friendly, and payment was prompt! She was also kind enough to let me know when the wig arrived, and post pictures of her boy wearing it. Thanks again for a great transaction!
    5. PinkPlushii just bought a Soom top from me, and she was a total sweetheart to deal with! Friendly and fast communication, instant payment, and she took the time to let me know that the package arrived safely--I always appreciate that. Highly, highly recommended, and I hope we have a chance to do business again sometime. :aheartbea
    6. PinkPlushii purchased an item from my store. Everything went very well! Thanks so much! A+ Buyer : )
    7. PinkPlushii sold me a pair of Dikadoll jointed hands. Communication was great and shipping very prompt. She was a dear to deal with and I highly recommend her. Thanks!
    8. I participated in PinkPlushii's TaTa's Paradise GO and I'm very pleased with the way it was run-very friendly communication and updates when there was a slight delay. My items were packed nicely and arrived promptly. Highly recommended :)
    9. I was also a part of PinkPlushii's Tata GO and I also couldn't be happier with the way it was run. Great and friendly communication, plenty of updates.
      Everything was packaged so nicely in my box, nothing was just thrown in there, it was all very carefully layered with bubblewrap, even though it was all clothing.
      When PinkPlushii's local post office was being an absolute horror about mailing my package out (nitpicking about the wrong tape?!), she really went above and beyond to get my package to me, upgrading the shipping out of her own pocket for the delay!
      I really can't gush enough :D
    10. I participated in PinkPlushii's Tata GO and could not be happier! She kept us updated and communication was wonderful. My items arrived promptly and well-packed. I highly recommend her!
    11. PinkPlushii was great! Would gladly work with again. :] <3
    12. PinkPlushii participated in a leekeworld GO I ran. They were great with communication and prompt with payments; great to work with! Thank you~
    13. a wonderful seller!! she had wonderful communication the whole time, and shipped the head i bought lightning fast! and pinkplushii was really really sweet to talk to. A+
    14. Wonderful seller. I bought a Leekworld body from them for my Edward Elric custom head. Looking good...:) Wonderful communication and patient with answering questions and such. Would buy from again...
    15. PinkPlushii participated in my Dollshe eyes group order and everything went perfectly. Good communication and prompt payments.
      Thanks for a great transaction!:D
    16. PinkPlushii participated in a Leekeworld group order I ran. Fast response to invoices and paid quickly. Everything went smoothly. I'd love to work with her again ^^ thanks for joining the GO!
    17. PinkPlushii asked me to do a couple faceups for molds i hadn't tried before. I was excited to work on them so i accepted! The communication was fantastic and Plushii was very understanding and patient with the delays caused by rl problems. A great "customer" and i would definately work with Plushii again.

      Thank you so much for your patience!
    18. PinkPlushii ordered another fur wig from me and once again it was a pleasure doing business with her. ^_^ Our communication was smooth and payment was prompt--just lovely overall! I'd love to work with her again, anytime!
    19. PinkPlushii brought a wig from me. Paid immediately. Was an excellent buyer, communicated promptly and politely and told me as soon as the wig arrived. I highly recommend!!!! :)
    20. I participated in an nDoll Go run by PinkPlushii. The GO went really smoothly and the shipping to me was super fast, the wig was securely wrapped in bubble wrap so that even though the envelope tore a little (due to post office carelessness I'm sure) the wig was safe and dry on this very rainy day. :D