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Feedback for Pippin

Jun 18, 2009

    1. Hi! If you've had a transaction with me please leave feedback for me here. Thankyou!!! :)
    2. Pippin bought my lovely Akando head. She paid quickly and the whole transaction was very smooth.

      Glad you like him!
    3. Pippin brought a buddydoll body from me and was fast in payment and communication. It was a pleasure..Thank you ^ ^
    4. Pippin bought 2 DC heads from me, fast payment, excellent communication, thank you very much.
    5. pippin bought some eyes from me and that was a pleasure to deal with her ! Payment has been sent very quickly, she was nice and let me know when the eyes arrived ! Thanks a lot !!
    6. Pippin bought a Soah head from me. She was great to deal with and I recommend her highly. :) :) :)
    7. Pippin bought some stuff from me, payed promptly, lovley buyer, would definatly deal wth again ^^
    8. I bought Pippin's Lovely dollzone Shoyo, she was wrapped in a bulwark of bubblewrap. Thankfully she was ok with late cheques due to being unable to post them (snow). Kept me informed and was a lovely Seller. Would definately buy from again.
    9. Pippin (Jo):D purchase an Elfdoll Red head from me. This was my first time selling something on the marketplace and she was very patience with me and understanding. Pippin was very friendly and she responded fast to PMs, good communication. This transaction went very smoothly. A great buyer and would gladly work with her again.
      Thanks so much :)
    10. i´ve tradet my BBB isabella for her DZ July
      delivery was very fast, the doll is very lovely, super nice person.
      A great person and would gladly work with her again.
    11. Hello! I did a wonderfully awesome trade with Pippin. She has my IoS Asyd head, and I received her ID Cookie. She shipped fast, the packaging was fantastic, no way that little doll was getting kicked around! She also sent extras :D I couldn't be happier, thank you!
    12. I traded a ducan head and dollzone luna for an obitsu boy and clothes etc.
      Pippin was utterly lovely to deal with. A true pleasure and even made lovely wee clothes for the boy so that he was not sent naked! I would definitely deal with pippin again!
      thank you! xxx
    13. I have just bought Pippin's Bobobie Isabella. This was my very first Marketplace transaction, and Pippin was very helpful and patient with myself and my many questions!

      She answered all my messages, provided lots of pictures, and the doll was shipped really quickly with lots of clothes.

      I would not hesitate to deal with Pippin again! :)
    14. Just finished a wonderful transaction with Pippin. I purchased a tiny doll from her and she came so safely packaged for her long trip. :) She came really fast too. It was a totally enjoyable transaction and Jo was friendly and kind and I would not hesitate to do more dolly dealings with her!
    15. I traded a floy head and a DollnDoll king v1 body for a buddydoll body with Pippin. It was all wonderful and Pippin is a lovely person to deal with. she sent me extras and little sweets!
      thank you pippin! tabatha xxxx
    16. Great seller!! :D

      I purchased her Luts Delf El. She shipped him right away and it arrived perfectly wrapped and just as described. It's been a pleasure buying from her, highly recommended!!

    17. Traded my RS Ming for her Planet Doll Riz.

      She's lovely to deal with and very understanding and I would not hesitate to deal with her again.
      Also the wig and outfit extras were very nice!, Couldn't speak more highly of her.
      (Also she's very good at packing!)
    18. Pippin bought two dolls from me on layaway, she paid exactly when she said she would and was brilliant with communication. Would definitely sell to her or buy from her.

      Thank you!
    19. Pippin bought Pipos baha from me, She was very patience and nice,it's a wonderful transaction with her:) Thank you and enjoy with baha:XD: