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Feedback for ~ Pira ~

Sep 24, 2008

    1. Anyone who has bought from or sold me items may leave feedback here!

      Thanks so very much :kitty2
    2. Pira bought a Guessdoll outfit from me. Fast payment, excellent communication, wonderful person with whom to transact. Thank you very much!
    3. Pira bought a Latidoll Blue Rei Christopher head from me! The payment was fast and the communication was excellent. Thanks!
    4. Pira bought a Crobidoll wig from us. She was exceedingly courteous and very patient. I could not have asked for a better transaction and I rate her very highly as a buyer. A+ transaction. :D
    5. Pira bought a Puki doll and wigs from me--paid RIGHT away, and was so super nice to work with!! I would gladly have dealings with her again--thanks, Pira!
    6. Pira bought an Obitsu Gretel from me. She was friendly, courteous, and extremely easy to do business with. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!
    7. Pira bought an Obitsu from me, and it was a pleasure. Communication was super and so pleasant. She's an A++ buyer! Thanks! :)
    8. Pira bounght an outfit from me. Prompt payment, good communication and friendly too!
    9. Pira bought 2 wigs from me, pay fast, great communication, everything was a pleasure.
      Thanks again!