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Feedback for Pistachio

Jul 8, 2009

    1. Creating this thread since my first transaction here has been completed.
    2. Pistachio bought a minifee El head from me-she's a great buyer! She kept in contact constantly and made sure that both of us were on the same page.

      Payment was quick, communication was friendly-the entire transaction was smooth and easy. I would definitely recommend her!

      Thank you!
    3. Pistachio bought a MNF girl body from me and the process went very well! She is a great buyer and I would be pleased to deal with her again.

      Payment is very quick and communication is excellent.
    4. Pistachio was in my Fairyland GO, paid fast and has great communication, definitely recommend future dealings. :3
    5. I sold Pistachio some yukatas and it was a very pleasant transaction overall. She kept up great communication, paid quickly, and was kind to let me know when her order arrived safe and sound. Highly recommend her! Thanks!
    6. Pistachio was quite amazing to work with. She purchased a Luts head from me and also got a faceup for it. Her payment went smoothly, she was sweet, and when I told her that shipping was much more than I anticipated she helped cover the cost. She also let me know when she received the head. I would do any sort business with Pistachio in the future without a question.
    7. Just sold Pistachio a really funky tan Bobobie project body, it was a great transaction and I am so happy to send it to someone who can use it! Pistachio is great to work with!
    8. I sold a Bobobie Apollo head that I had modded to Pistachio, and we met at a convention we were both going to. It was great to meet her, and she was so excited to get the head, which was wonderful and SO nice to see. Very prompt and quick to pay and so nice to work with. I cannot wait to see how her plans work out for him, they sound so exciting!
    9. Pistachio commissioned me for more yukatas and like before it was a smooth transaction. She was very patient with me as she had to spend a long while on the waiting list, kept up great communication, and paid promptly. Would love to deal with her again. Thanks!
    10. Pistachio bought a DZ boy body from me on a short layaway. She was super friendly and kept great communication, and paid even earlier than she said she would :) Totally satisfactory transaction, I highly recommend Pistachio as a buyer! Thanks!!
    11. traded dolly items with Pistachio and everything went wonderfully!!!!! I highly recommend her!!!!!
    12. Did a trade with Pistachio, it went super smooth, fast shipping and kept in-touch, Candy says thanks so much! =^_^=
    13. I purchased some items from Pistachio at a very reasonable price. Not only was the price very fair, but she kept in touch the whole time and even contacted me to find out if the items had arrived. Great transaction and I am thrilled with my purchases.
    14. I purchased an MSD Sweater dress from Pistachio~ Wonderful transaction! Shipped my item super fast. I would definitely do business with again :'D ~ <3 Thanks so much! <3
    15. I sold to Pistachio-- a totally awesome buyer and highly recommended.
    16. I sold a MNF sleeping Seorin head to Pistachio, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with ^_^ She was very kind, paid promptly, and was sure to let me know when the item arrived. Highly recommended, and would definitely do business with her again in the future <3
    17. I sold Pistachio a Feeple sleeping Anu head. The transaction was great. Great communication and fast payment. I woould do business with Pistachio again.
    18. Pistachio commissioned me to do a faceup for her modded DZ Mo. She was friendly and awesome about payment, shipping, answered all questions fully and with details. Definitely A+ &#9829;
    19. I sold a Minimee head to Pistachio and she was great to work with! Awesome communication and she paid right when she said she would! Would absolutely recommend!
    20. I bought a really cool MSD sword from Pistacio and I'm very happy with the transaction! The price was very reasonable, the quality was beyond superior and shipping was the actual cost of shipping. She was lovely to deal with and always answered PMs promptly. I highly recommend her! ^__^