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Feedback for Piyoko

Sep 28, 2008

    1. Guess now that I'm buying things in GOs and the Marketplace I should have one huh.

      I do have an ebay account as zombiezebradonkey as well
    2. Piyoko bought some sd10 sneakers from me and she was great! Paid quickly and was overall lovely to do the transaction with. I would do business with her again! Thanks! :chocoberry
    3. Piyoko bought a DZ Feilan head from me, she was very friendly, kept great and prompt communication, quick payment and was just generally wonderfull to deal with. Highly recommended, thanks a lot!!
    4. Piyoko bought a doll from me, she paid quickly and was very plesant to deal with. The most important, she kept me informed when the doll arrived!!
      A wonderful international transaction!!:fangirl::fangirl:
    5. Piyoko was a participant in my second For My Doll order and everything went just as lovely as it did the first time around. :) Payments were made quickly and communication was great. Once again, she was kind enough to add pictures to the For My Doll request thread. It's always a pleasure to do business with Piyoko and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      :clover Thank you for being an awesome participant once again! I really appreciate it!! :clover
    6. Piyoko purchased a wig from me. It was a very pleasant transaction. Payment was very quick, and Piyoko even let me know when the items arrived. POSITIVE!
    7. We traded with each other, and the transaction was great!
      She made an outfit for me that was super awesome, and entirely well made, in return for a couple items I had FS. Her shipping was prompt, and she had wonderful communication. Can't wait until next time :D
    8. Piyoko bought 2 outfits from me. Transaction was perfect with fast payment! Will deal with again for sure!
    9. [SIZE="-10"]I'm back again to leave more feedback for Piyoko. This time around she participated in my second Fairyland group order. :) Once again, communication was wonderful and payments were prompt. It goes without saying that I wouldn't mind doing business again with her at all.

      :clover Thank you for being a great participant yet again!! :clover
    10. Piyoko Bought some hands from me. Comunication was wonderful. She was wonderful to work with.
    11. Piyoko modded a pair of puki wingtop boots for me. She did a wonderful job! Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    12. Piyoko bought a Tinybear wig from me. She was very friendly and communicative. Her payment was sent quickly. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks! :)
    13. I just bought a head from Piyoko, it was just as she described it and she mailed it really fast and packaged it very well. Communication was fast and friendly - thank you!
    14. Piyoko took part in my third For My Doll group order and she is always, always such a pleasure to deal with!!

      :clover Thank you~ :clover
    15. (sorry for such a late feedback/reply)

      Piyoko payed amazingly fast after buying a DIM body from me. Reliable and great communication
    16. Piyoko Participated in my Soom Glot split where she purchased the little hooves. A wonderful person to have dealt with, and will most definitely deal with again. Pronto payments and no problems at all! Definitely recommend Piyoko!!
    17. Piyoko bought my MSdoll Pan and we had a very smooth transaction with great communication! Thanks so much, dear!
    18. Piyoko participated in my handmade Alice in Wonderland Swap, she was a wonderful participant, especially considering one of her partners was rather late.
    19. Piyoko participated in my rock star swap. She did a good job and followed all the rules. A recommended swap participant!
    20. Sold some doll clothing to Piyoko. :) Nice and smooth transaction, fast payment, not problems. Would definately sell to again! ;)