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Feedback for PlagueBearer

Dec 30, 2011

    1. Please leave me some feedback if you've done business with me! I appreciate it. XD
    2. PlagueBearer ordered two custom hoodies from me and was wonderful to work with! Extremely patient and communication was flawless! Thanks so much!
    3. PlagueBearer bought two macbook mirrors from me. The payment was quick and communication was awesome! Would not hesitate to do business with her again! Thank you sooo much! =D
    4. PlagueBearer purchased a SD v-neck from my shop. PlagueBearer was super friendly and had great communication. A+!
    5. PlagueBearer purchased a couple items from my shop. PlagueBearer is always very friendly and prompt with payment and PMs. Great buyer! A+ ^^/
    6. PlagueBearer purchased an AOD Zi Yuan from me. Friendly communication and fast payment. She let me know when Zi Yuan arrived. Superb buyer. :)
    7. PlagueBearer ordered a fur wig from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    8. PlagueBearer sold a very clean, well face-up-ed SD head to me. She shipped it instantly and it arrived super well packaged. Was a terrific transaction! Highly recommend! Thanks!
    9. Back in April, PlagueBearer bought a SD bikini from me. She was excellent to deal with, enthusiastic, prompt, and friendly! (and more timely than I've been with this late feedback!)
    10. I bought a head from PlagueBearer. She shipped quickly and was completely easy to deal with. A great transaction, thank you!
    11. PlagueBearer comissioned a shirt from my shop. She paid quickly, has great communication and is always super friendly! A++++!
    12. Bought some off-topic dolls from PlagueBearer. Shipping was quick, and she was very friendly. Great seller! n_n
    13. Bought a Jina Head from PlagueBearer, the transaction was very smooth, and the head arrived very quickly. Thanks for letting me own this boy~

      Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again.
    14. PlagueBearer bought a dress from me~She paid fast and was very friendly with great communication.I would like to do business with her again~Highly recommend~ Thank you!
    15. PlagueBearer bought a Tata's shirt from me. She paid quickly and had great communication. Thanks!
    16. PlagueBearer did three face-ups for me. She is very talented and I really like emailing with her. She is very quick and efficient. Will definitely want to do business and be friends with PlagueBearer.
    17. Megan did another face up for me. Fabulous as always. She is my go to girl for faceups and she is fast. Gotta love her.
      thanks so much!!
    18. I did a doll trade with PlagueBearer, she was easy to communicate with and our negotiations went smoothly as well n_n which is always great. She shipped out on the agreed date and notified me of the tracking number~ She also notified me when my part of the trade had arrived to her, and wasn't hesitant to ask me questions directly about the boy especially seeing as we both agreed to ship un-strung. She was also apologetic when her part of the trade hadn't arrived to me as soon as mine did, but not her fault n_n postal takes its time so it was just nice of her to be concerned for me as well. She was also very understanding when it came to custom regulations for the UK n_n~ Muchly appreciated~

      The doll was well packaged, and even had parts labelled~

      All in all I had a really good experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anybody else as a trade partner, seller or buyer.

      Thank you~