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Feedback for Plain_Jane

Feb 14, 2008

    1. [Insert basic leave-me-feedback message here] :thumbup

      Thank you!
    2. Plain_Jane is a delight to work with. She purchased a MSD head from me. Perfect transaction and perfect communication! Thank you!
    3. Plain_Jane is a WONDERFUL customer of mine! She have purchased and commissioned wigs from me a few times! Wonderful to deal with! Fast payment! Easy communication! I recommend her to ANYONE!
    4. Hi there Plain_Jane was awesome to do biz with! She was very kind and so nice! I purchased her beloved Vamp boy and she made the transaction go very smoothly. Thanks so much. I promise to love him forever! Madison :)
    5. Plain_Jane bought a wig from me! It was a swift and smooth transaction! :D
    6. I sold a pair of eyes to Plain_Jane, and it was a very smooth transaction! She paid quickly and let me know when the eyes arrived. Thanks a bunch!
    7. I sold plain_jane a Ligaya and everything went smoothly. She had a layaway but got excited and couldn't wait....early money! I won't complain about that. I would recommend her to everyone a delight to deal with.
    8. Plain_Jane revisited my shop and commissioned some more fur wigs~! She's Still wonderful as always~ fast payment! Super understanding! Very patient! you name it! ^_^

      Come back anytime dear~
    9. Participated in a Dollmore Group order of mine, paid very quickly and great communication, would love to have you in the group again!
    10. She was a member in a Dollmore GO. She didn't hinder it and was nice along with everyone else!! :3
    11. She just purchased a FelixDoll head from me, was a dream to work with. She kept in touch and paid promptly. Highly recommend, would happily do business with her anytime. :)
    12. Plain_Jane bought an Asleep Eidolon Jiao from me. Her payment was instant, and she was great to talk to~!
    13. Plain_Jane bought a shirt from me. Communication was good and payment was prompt. A real pleasure to do business with.
    14. Sold a pair of msd jeans to Plain_Jane. She paid very quickly and was a pleasure to do business with!
    15. bought a wig from Plain_Jane and it went great! she was super nice and easy to work with. :)
    16. I bought an Astral in Rainbow Say head from Plain_Jane and the head is gorgeous and arrived in perfect condition. ^w^ I really enjoyed buying from her, the item was sent out very fast and I have not a single bad word to say about communication. Everything went perfectly and Plain_Jane is a great and kind person. :aheartbea
    17. Plain_Jane bought a pair of MSD size pants that I made! She was super nice and understanding that i was late a day sending them out ><;; And then let me know when they arived! Really great to deal with! totally recommend her!
    18. Plain_Jane purchased a Nanuri 06 head from me and was a breeze to deal with! Prompt payment, polite, and communicative! I wish they were all so easy!
    19. I bought a Felix doll Brownie Frances from Plain_Jane and she was absolutely wonderful! Great communication and she let me know when he was being shipped out to me. I would definately reccommend her! Thanks so much!
    20. Plain_Jane purchased a wig from me recently, and was really wonderful to sell to! :) She paid quickly, had fast and friendly communication, and informed me when it arrived. Thank you! ^^