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Feedback for PlasticaObscura

Jan 6, 2010

    1. Starting a feedback thread since I've become active in the Marketplace. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
    2. I sold an IH Dreaming Lion head and a minimee Kamui head to plasticobscura. She was a gem to deal with, paid very fast and let me know promptly when the boys arrived. I would deal with her again and would recommend her as a great buyer.

    3. Plasticaobscura bought a pair of DOT Heeled feet parts from me. She was excellent to work will and responded quickly to PMs. Highly recommended! Thanks!
    4. What a great transaction! We traded her Isabella for my GuaiGuai and she also bought a Puki from me. Wonderful to talk with, instant payment and sending of her half of the trade. Would definitely do business with again, A+ buyer and trader! Thanks so much. <3
    5. Jennifer bought an AoD Tiny from me. EXCELLENT communication, PLEASURE to talk to, and FAST payment! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!

      Thanks so much, sweetie! ;)

    6. plasticobscura bought a pair of super gem heeled feet from me, she payed
      right away and kept in touch though out the process.
      i joy to deal with and i would do buisness with her again anytime :)
    7. Joy to do business with! I would definetly sell to you again girl! Im glad you like the little boy, and Im glad he's got a new home who will love him so much!
    8. Plasticobscura bought an AOD NiNi from me. Very fast payment and wonderful communication!
    9. Plasicobscura bought a DollZone Hong from me, and she was a joy to work with! She always kept in communication with me, and paid very promptly. I'm glad Hong has a new loving home with her, and I would do business again with her in a heartbeat! :)
    10. I participated in plasticaobscura's Elfdoll group order. It was a nice smooth transaction, great communication and speedy shipping! I'd definitely recommend her. :thumbup
    11. I also participated in plasticaobscura's Elfdoll GO, and everything when perfectly. Excellent communication from a very sweet seller...I will definitely join another one of her GO's in a heartbeat! Thanks :)
    12. I too participated in plasticobscura's Elfdoll GO, it went very smoothly, and she was very prompt on responding to my questions. MY elfdoll feet arrived packed very well, in great shape, and just as described. Highly recommended.
    13. PlasticaObscura participated in my For My Doll group order. Communication was excellent, and she paid quickly. Thanks so much! :)
    14. Sorry it took so long to leave this, please forgive me!

      plasticobscura participated in my Luts GO awhile back, things couldn't have gone better. :) Polite, friendly, and quick to respond, I wouldn't hesitate to let her join in the future<3

      Thanks for participating! :D