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feedback for plastikman

Jun 12, 2007

    1. If you have had a transaction with me please leave me some feedback :D
    2. I had plastikman do a faceup on my unoa and do a pedicure/ manicure in my Unoss. :D He was excellent through all of it, really kind to me. ^^ He had a good turn around time too. :D He was done with my mani/ pedi in a day and my faceup... also in a day! :P

      Thanks Russell I <3 you!!!
    3. Plastikman did awsome faceups on my two dolls. They look great! :):) He did everything for me as requested and I am in more love with my dolls then before. THank you Plastikman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs you!*
    4. I've had him do most of the body work on my dolls and also make an outfit. He's very easy to work with so that everything is perfect!
    5. Plastikman just recently did a faceup for me. Communication was great and he worked very quickly :)
    6. The nice person & buyer, the fast payment, the wonderful contact, frankly I recommend and I am inviting again, thx :)
    7. I commissioned an outfit from plastikman. The quality is wonderful and it's exactly what I asked for. ^__^ Thank you plastikman!
    8. I recently purchased a Nanuri 07 head from plastikman and it was shipped to me fairly quickly. He was very understanding about my situation and very kind to me while I worked out payment. Wonderful guy who allowed me to get one of my favorite molds with an awsome faceup.
    9. I bought a doll from Plastikman and everything went well:) He made sure I was alright with alright with him taking the doll apart before he sent him and was very nice:aheartbea I was really happy with my transaction with him!
    10. I commissioned a piece of lineart from Plastikman and am so pleased with the end result. His style is so adorable and I just love what he did for me to bits and pieces.

      :bcake Thank you for drawing for me~ :bcake