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***Feedback for Poiizu ***

Jan 20, 2010

    1. Poiizu didn't have a feedback thread so i started one for her:)

      Poiizu purchased my Cupid Mutihead, she was lovely to trade with, paid super fast and let me know when the head arrived safely. Recommend to everyone!!
    2. I purchased a Cupid Multihead from Poiizu. She also did a faceup on the little head for me and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only is the faceup professional level, it is also unique and very, very beautiful. Poiizu also included a fantastic pair of little eyes that match the faceup! I cannot wait for Poiizu to be able to start commissions. I will definitely be back for more!


      DMM :kitty2
    3. Poiizu bought a set of Faun legs from, wonderful transaction, thank you!!!
    4. very very good buyer , i am very very happy to work for you , thank you for your kindness and friendly
    5. Poiizu did a wonderful job on my Juri's face up. Thank you very much!! She's so wonderful to work with.

    6. Poiizu did a gorgeous face up on my Cupid multihead. She did everything that I asked for and made it look a million times better than I imagined.

      She was very easy to do business with and was very very nice! I would definitely do business with her again and I really hope that I get the chance to :aheartbea
    7. [SIZE="-10"]Poiizu participated in my ninth Fairyland group order and was just awesome to work with. I do enjoy a participant not afraid to ask questions and she definitely falls into that category. She kept great communication and paid invoices right away! I would definitely deal with her again!

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in this order!
      I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :pcake:bcake
    8. I was lucky to get commission spots w/Poiizu for my 2 ZOE pukifee face plates. The face ups are beautiful and magical, just exactly what I was hoping for! Get on this talented gal's commission list asap!
    9. I wanted to add a pic of one of the fabulous face-ups Poiizu did for my 2 PukiFee ZOE! <3<3<3
      I bought a set of painted hooves from Poiizu through the market place and she was fantastic to purchase from! The hooves arrived exactly as pictured/described, perfectly packed and shipped out to me faster than lightening. It has been a pleasure to have a transaction w/Poiizu and I recommend her highly!
    11. I was in the Crobi GO Poiizu ran. Everything went well! She is a very organized host! Really appreciate her for running this GO. Great Job Poiizu!
    12. Bought a lovely Bobobie Ju from Poiizu last saturday and got her this morning, she is so lovely! Great seller and i am so glad that i was able to get my hands on the doll I was wanting for a great price and a very nice faceup!
    13. Poiizu ran a Crobi GO that I took part in. Everything was very organized and she shipped my item quickly~ Thank you so much, Poiizu!
    14. Was in a Crobidoll GO that Poiizu ran. It was organized and she shipped my item promptly. Thanks!
    15. I was in the Crobidoll group order ran by Poiizu and it went great, she kept us up to date on our order status and shipped quickly. Thanks so much! :D
    16. I was also in Poiizu's Crobidoll group order and she was really great to deal with. She kept us up to date the whole time and everything was well packed. Thanks!
    17. Poiizu ran a Crobidoll GO and everything went really smoothly. I really like the fact that Poiizu even asked the participants what packaging they would like their items in and kept the thread updated. Couldn't fault her! Thanks!
    18. Poiizu did a wonderful faceup on my Pukipuki~ Exactly what I wanted.
      Communication was excellent between the two of us~
      Will definatly be getting more faceups done by her! Thankyou!! <33
    19. I was a participant in Poiizu's Crobidoll GO and I'm absolutely happy.
      Communication was great, she shipped the packages out as soon as it was possible and packed the wig very well.
      I'd gladly join a GO lead by her again.
    20. I participated in a Crobidoll GO that Poiizu hosted. It ran very smoothly and it was a pleasure dealing with her.
      The items were shipped in a padded envelope (she asked if anyone doesn't want their items shipped in a box, and I preferred an envelope).
      I would gladly join a GO hosted by Poiizu gain.