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Feedback for Poison-Bluerose

May 30, 2010

    1. If I've bought something from you please leave feedback. :)
    2. Sold a DoC Tender too to her. She's great to work with and pays quickly! I'd definitely sell something to her again. Thanks so much for adopting him. ^^
    3. Poison-Bluerose bought a MNF Juri '10 head from me after she'd placed an ad looking for one. We agreed upon a 6 weeks layaway and a first installment within 2 weeks.
      Instead of the 6 weeks she'd thought she needed, she completed only days after her first payment, as she needed her girl home ASAP, and made that top-priority :).
      She was very friendly to deal with and communication was fine; her replies were quick.
      I would certainly do business with her again if the opportunity arose:).
      I'm very happy Juri found such a nice home!
    4. BIG Positive for Poison-Bluerose! She bought a MNF A Line body and paid quickly~! Highly recommended :)
      Thank you and enjoy the new MNF body :D
    5. I sold some 14mm blue eyes to Poison-Bluerose and she was extremely friendly, communicative and told me immediately when they arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    6. I sold some eyes to Poison-Bluerose and she is friendly to deal with and has great communication. She let me know when her item arrived.:)
    7. I sold Poison-Bluerose a sleeping mnf rheia head. She was pleasant to work with. She paid quickly and communicated well. Would happily work with her again. Highly recommended!!
    8. I sold Poision-Bluerose a MNF Ryeon Head. She was wonderful to work with, and she was a great buyer from start to finish. Thanks :)
    9. Poison bought a MNF head from me, she sent the payment quickly and let me know when it arrived. Good buyer, would not hesitate to sell to again.
    10. I purchased a minifee Rheia head from Poison-Bluerose. The communication was very great, she answered always prompt and sent the item very quickly. A pleasure to do business with. Thank you so much. =)
    11. I hate to have to leave these kinds of feedback. Poison-Bluerose was supposed to purchase an Angelheim Luka from me. The first time she was supposed to pay she told me she didn't have the money. I agreed to hold the luka and then 2 days before she was supposed to pay she told me she changed her mind. I held this doll for more then 3 weeks, so sadly I need to leave flakey feedback. Sellers be careful.http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?482483-Kearsy-versus-Poison-Bluerose
    12. I did a face up for Poison-Bluerose ^ ^ She was such a wonderful person to work with~! She's very patient, pays asap! and keeps in great communication <333 Thank you for the chance to be able to paint your dollies! I recommend her to anyone : D
    13. I sold a head to Poison-Bluerose and she was quick to pay and very communicative, a pleasure to deal with!
    14. I did a face up for Poison-Bluerose ^ ^ This is not the first time I've had the pleasure to work with her and her doll~ Always, she pays when she means to, and is excellent in keeping with communication! I am so happy to of had an opportunity to work with you and your doll again ; ) thank you much~
    15. Poison-Bluerose ordered a fur wig from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    16. late feedback >_<

      I painted more face ups for Poison-Bluerose ^ ^ She is very kind, and keeps up with communication very well and very quick; She sends payments when she says she plans to~ Thank you for choosing to commission me to make paint your dollies, and I hope we are able to work together again in the future~ always, i highly recommend her! ^u^ !!
    17. Poison-Bluerose ordered a custom hoodie from me and was great to work with! Thanks so much!
    18. Poison-Bluerose ordered another three fur wigs from me (including one custom design) and once again it was a pleasure doing business with her. ^_^ Our communication was smooth and payment was prompt--just lovely overall! I'd love to work with her again, anytime!
    19. Poison-Bluerose purchased an MNF Juri '11 head from me, it was a pleasure doing business with her. Very quick communication, all aspects of the transaction went smoothly. Thanks!
    20. I've painted another face up for Poison-Bluerose ^ ^ Every single time she is always a delight to work with!! A++++ !! Never any problems, just smooth and simple transaction <3 Thank you so much Poison-Bluerose for always giving pleasant experience !!