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Feedback For PokerFaceBjd

Apr 15, 2009

    1. Hello, this is feedback thread for everyone who buy from me, or I buy from them. I hope I pleased you all in some way :)
    2. traded with pokerfacebjd. Great experience, I highly reccommend! very trustworthy. :)
    3. sold a wig to pokerfacebjd placed the wig on hold for her and she nicely kept me updated without prompt that she still wanted it and paid just fine! thanks for a smooth transaction :)
    4. i sold a pair of cute shoes to pokerfacebjd, the sale and transaction was perfect, great buyer :3
    5. PokerFaceBjd and I did a trade for a pair of glass eyes and everything went great! :D She's friendly and communication was kept up amazingly well on her end. ^^ I'm quite pleased with everything and have no complaints at all.

      :clover Thank you so much! ^o^ :clover
    6. I sold a wig to PokerFaceBjd and everything went great! She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. ^^ Thanks!
    7. PokerFaceBjd is a awesome buyer. She bought a wig from me. Great communication and paid as promised. Very nice to deal with. I highly recommended her!!!
      Thank you!!!
    8. PokerFaceBjd commissioned a face-up from me for her Soom Gena Boy. She's a wonderful customer and so MUCH fun to talk to. :aheartbea It was also funny..to watch her like...spazz. *SHOT* <-So mean. 8'3

      Anyway, she was patient with me for finishing her face-up. I loved talking to her, well keeping her update time to time. She had wonderful communication. The whole transaction was pleasant. I hope to keep talking to her as friends since all the business is gone. P: I sent the head the day I finished the face-up to her. So it arrived to her quickly, surprisingly. o-o; I love my post office.

      Ok! Back on track. >_> This whole transaction was wonderful. Love you Junko! :aheartbea
    9. Did a face up on PokerFaceBjd's Obitsu Henzel

      She was clear in what she wanted and kept me up-to-date so communication was awesome & very quick.

      Yep.Great commissioner 8D
    10. I'm back again. c: Gonna see a lot of me here. Muwahahaha. XDDD

      Anyway, I participated in a Leekeworld GO! that PokerFaceBjd ran. She was delightful and fun to talk to and deal withi as always. The communication was excellent. ^_^ I'm happy with my items and they arrived me carefully packaged!

      Sadly, the shoes I bought do not fit my boys feet. I'm so sad. T_T But, nonetheless, the experience was more than pleasant. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this person. ;D
    11. I sold a kitty ears and tail to PokerFaceBjd! She is a great buyer! Fast payment. Smooth transcation. Awesome buyer!
    12. Sold a dollmore bracelet to pokerfacebjd, very quick payment and she told me when it arrived! Highly recommended buyer! :D
    13. I participated in a Leeke GO that PokerFaceBjd ran, and it was such an awesome experience. Updated every step of the way, wonderful communication, just an all-around delight. I look forward to doing it again!
    14. I participated in a Leeke GO that PokerFaceBjd ran, and it was such an awesome experience. Updated every step of the way, wonderful communication, just an all-around delight. I look forward to doing it again!
      I know it is the same as above but it is all true! Awesome person to boot!
    15. I was a part of the LeekeWorld GO. It was my first GO so I was nervous but everything was fine :D The communication was good and everything came in good time. I would definitely join another group order run by her. Thank you!
    16. I participated in a Leekeworld GO that PokerFaceBjd organized and everything went really well! The communication was great! :D
    17. PokerFaceBjd is a GREAT BUYER! fast payment and good communication. Highly recommend!
    18. I was part of a GO ran by pokerfacebjd and despite some postal problems all else was well. She always answered PMs quickly and the wig arrived in good shape. Thanks.
    19. I was part of the Leekeworld GO Pokerface ran. The wig came and is lovely and everything was fine.
    20. Was part in PokerFaceBjd's LeekeWorld one day GO. Communication was good but updates for the GO were kinda lacking. (There was no notification when the package was received and about the mailing delay, nor was there really a written time line.) Other than that minor problem, everything went pretty much fine and she paid for the postal from her to me for the troubles. Everything came in good condition. Thanks.