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Feedback for polaris

Apr 12, 2007

    1. Hello everyone,

      Please leave feedback here for me. I would very much appreciate it. Whether it be good, neutral or just bad. Thanks so much and please be nice when you if you give me bad feedback... :sweat

      - Po
    2. Sold an outfit to Polaris. Great communication and was a pleasure to sell to. Thanks, again. :)
    3. Sold an Iplehouse LE Tatiana-Pierrot. Very good buyer would sell to her again. I look forward to seeing her box opening photos and hope she enjoys her new resin Baby:)
    4. Great transaction with polaris who purchased a doll head from me on layaway. Payment was as agreed and communication was good. A perfect buyer :)
    5. Polaris bought a WS minimee Nuada head from me. Payment was prompt and she was a pleasure to deal with ^^
    6. polaris bought my ns eunbi head from me. prompt payment. thanks.
    7. Polaris was a participant in my Hyde Minimee GO and I must say that she is a very trustworthy and reliable person. Her money was sent promptly and without any problems. I would highly recommend her for any/all transactions here on the DOA Marketplace! :thumbup

      Polaris is a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar DOA Marketplace member!
    8. polaris joined my Spock Group Order. Wonderful! :D
      Excellent communication. :sumomo:
    9. Polaris purchased an Alucard minimee from me. Deposit was prompt on the layaway, even by money order, but the follow-up finishing payment was much delayed. When asked for communication, however, she always responded in a couple days, so it really wasn't a big deal. Overall a pleasant transaction! Thanks so much!
    10. Polaris purchased a Lelouch Minimee head from and it was a wonderful transaction. Her payment was prompt and her communication was wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding and amazing person to deal with. :) Thank you!
    11. Polaris purchased a demyx Minimee head, on layaway. transaction went smoothly and communications were great, would do business again
    12. polaris bought two dolls from me on layaway. She was great to deal with and great me up to date on everything. Great transaction, Thank you again.x
    13. Polaris recently joined my Hideto (hide) Matsumoto GO (Tender Eye). She has been in a couple group orders of mine and I must say every time I enter into a transaction with her, it is always a pleasant one. She always has her payment on time and is very enthusiastic about these Minimee's (WE ALL HAVE THE FEVER)! :lol:
      Polaris is a very trustworthy and reliable member on the DOA forum and I would definitely do dollie business with her in the future.

      Polaris is a :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar member on the DOA Marketplace!
    14. Polaris purchased some mini yukatas and a pair O' booties from me recently ~ Everything went A-OK! Will definitely do business with Polaris again !
    15. Did a trade with Polaris, clothes for a head, great working with her, everything went smoothly and am very happy with the trade. Would definitely do business with her again. ^___^
    16. Positive Transaction!

      I sold my Zack Fair Minimee head to polaris, and everything was great! Communication was fast, payment was on time, and I was notified when the head arrived. I would not hesitate to sell to polaris again. Thanks so much!