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Feedback for polysics-or-die

Dec 8, 2008

    1. Thread for any transactions involving me, thank you for your comments!
    2. FIRST!!!!! I had a lovely transaction with polysics-or-die. She ran our MNM CreepyChan/Allison Harvard group order, and kept lovely correspondence with us the whole time.
    3. I'm another one in the MNM CreepyChan order. She was great to deal with, I'd join a group order with her again gladly. Thanks a ton!
    4. One more from the MNM Order.
      Communication was great, throughout the whole order. Shipping was great, recieved in mint condition.
      A great transaction, she's a great GO runner. Would join another GO of hers anytime~
    5. Another one who was in the Creepy-chan MNM group order here! polysics-or-die is excellent to deal with, I had no problems whatsoever, the whole transaction was smooth and perfect! I hope to deal with her again soon! :)
    6. Polysics-or-die did a Soom Chrom split with me, for the Chrom human head. She paid through layaway. Communication was great, and she sent payments promptly. A great and friendly person! Thanks again!
    7. Participated in my Leeke GO. Perfect transaction, I highly recommend this person as a buyer/participant. Thanks!
    8. Polysics-or-die saved my life after searching for year!! :) I was lucky enough to find the body that I needed from her. We had great communication through out the whole thing and she shipped nice and quickly! I am super thankful for everything!!! :-D
    9. I purchased a Light Tan Resinoul Lan from Polysics-or-die. I paid in full on the 30th of April, and they shipped out the 4th of March, arrived on the 6th of March. The doll was in really good condition being second hand. Communication was awesome, all questions were answered promptly. I would happily buy from this seller again in the future!
    10. I bought an Unoa Bully FP & head back from Polysics-or-die. It was posted promptly & was very well packed.
      She was great to buy from, kept in touch and was very friendly. I would definitely buy from her again.
    11. I took part in LADY GAGA Minimee GO,polysics-or-die did everything for us ,she is a good leader!
    12. I was a member of the Lady Gaga MNM order. polysics-or-die took over as our group leader and she was fab. She managed to finally get our order going and always made sure we knew where we were at in the order. Thanks sososo much for stepping in to tackle that mess!
    13. I was also in the Lady Gaga mnm GO that Polysics took over and it was wonderful. She was very patient and understanding with me. ^^
    14. I wanted to thank polysics-or-die for taking over the group order for the Lady GaGa minimee heads after the original organizer lost her marketplace access & flaked on the group. polysics-or-die did a great job picking up the pieces & finding somebody in North America to ship heads to those of us here and save us some $ which is very much appreciated .

      Thank you sooo much, especially considering that there was a point when I thought I'd never see this head! Your time & work is very much appreciated!!!!!

      :) :) :) :)
    15. I just wanted to thank polysics-or-die for taking over as leader for the Lady Gaga GO. She always kept us informed through the entire process and was very awesome to work with. Thank you for running the GO and for giving me the opportunity to distribute the heads to the other members. I know that every one involved appreciates the hard work that you put into this and we have a lovely minimee to show for it. I know that I'd be happy to join in any of your future GOs without hesitation.
    16. I had a delightful sale with polysics-or-die, purchased a wig from me, prompt payment and pm's. Let me know when the wig arrived also. Highly recommend to all that sell.
      :daisy Thank you! :daisy
    17. polysics-or-die commissioned me for a faceup. Even though I had problems with some post office/shipping issues, she was very supportive and kind throughout the whole ordeal. I would definitely do business with her again.

      Thanks! :)
    18. polysics-or-die commissioned me to do a faceup on her Allison Harvard MNM for a trade for a Lady Gaga MNM head. She sent them immediately and was so wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for doing the trade with me!
    19. Just bought a DiM junk head from Polysics-or-Die, and found she was great to work with, sent promptly, and even included a pair of eyes! Such a sweetheart!
    20. I purchased a pair of eyes from polysics-or-die and it was a really great transaction! Super price, insanely fast shipping. I spaced on letting her know they'd arrived, but they got here in great shape!

      I'd quite happily do business with her again!