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Feedback for Pomcrest

Mar 5, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me :)
    2. Sold Pomcrest some Puki Parts and they were a great buyer! Quick payment and friendly communication! A+
    3. Sold her a pukipuki and everything went great!
    4. Just sold a multihead to Pomcrest. Communication and payment was good and quick.

      Thank you very much.
    5. I sold a Littlefee faceplate to Pomcrest, she was such a nice buyer! Paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived to her. My very best recommends, wouldn´t hesitate to deal with her again any time!
    6. Sold to customhouse girls to her, she was a perfectly lovely buyer! A+++!
    7. I bought a pukifee bonnie from pomcrest and the transaction went very smooth and the communication was great! Thanks so much!! ^_^
    8. pomcrest bought a YoSD-sized outfit from me. The transaction was flawless, quick, and friendly! I would do business again. Thanks so much!!
    9. Pomcrest purchased a LTF DES normal skin from me after I responded to her WTB thread. Communication was flawless and constant with her, she sent the money promptly, and was a very sweet buyer to deal with. I very highly recommend doing business her, and I would be happy to do business with her again in the future.

      Thank you so much!
    10. Sold her a DOD Bee A she paid promptly and handled the issues caused by paypal right away. Would happily deal with her again.
      Many Thanks
    11. Pomcrest bought a doll from me and everything went through like a dream, she even let me know when the doll arrived. Thankyou so very much for buying and I highly reccommend
      Pomcrest as the perfect buyer.

      Hugest thanks and dolly hugs ((><))
    12. Pomcrest purchased a littlefee face connector from me and was prompt with her payment and had great comunication, was a pleasure dealing with her. :)
    13. I purchased a Puki from Pomcrest, and everything went very smoothly... pomcrest is very friendly and easy to work with... and the box was shipped out quickly after I paid off the balance :) Thanks for everything! :)

    14. pomcrest purchased a ltf sleeping chiwoo head from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^
    15. I sold a LTF boy body to pomcrest. She was an absolute dear to deal with, and I highly recommend her! Thanks!
    16. Pomcrest bought SD girl body on layaway from me. She always upadates me on her status without me asking her on it so it is very convenience to me ^^. Highly recommended! Thank you for the very pleasant transactions dear ! :heart:
    17. Sold a littlefee to pomcrest, Great Transaction!
    18. Pomcrest adopted Smokey from me.
      Good communication and fast payments.
    19. pomcrest bought a littlefee chiwoo vampire head off me, she paid quickly and informed me as soon as she received the package. I would definitely recommend trading with her. :D
    20. Pomcrest purchased a Puki Cochon from me. Payment was made quickly and she kept me informed on when the package arrived. Thanks so much for your purchase :)