Feedback for Pomomo

Mar 6, 2018

    1. Feel free to leave whatever kind of feedback you feel is appropriate!
    2. I sold an Unoa Zero/April story hybrid to Pomomo on a layaway, and couldn't be happier! Payments were always prompt and communication was great! We did have a hiccup where the package got returned to sender, but she was patient as the package ever so slowly made its way back here and I could send it out again. The second time shipping went off without a hitch though! All in all it was a pleasant transaction and I would happily deal with Pomomo again! Thank you so much!!!
    3. I purchased Dollzone Neruga parts from Pomomo. Communication was perfect. The parts arrived safe and securely packaged. Everything was as described. The packaging was adorable and a cute touch. Experience was wonderful all the way through. I would gladly do business with her again!