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Feedback for ponygery

Jun 7, 2006

    1. Ok so here is my thread.

    2. Bought a Volks shirt from pony_gery the transaction was great. The shirt came in super fast ^__^ An awesome person to buy from
    3. Here is a list of some of my transactions from the orignal traders forum list:
      Here is the link:

      You need to scroll down to see my info.
      I copy and paste it in here anyway:

      ME AS A BUYER:

      Ravendolls (volks Green Paisley SD13 boy shirt - mini sd sakura wig)
      shadrovet (voks sd slip)
      Revelation (mini sd sakura head)
      Mistic Unicorn (dd2 body)
      Miss Sha (volks pureskin new Syo)
      Susie Q
      Sae Volks Ryo hed)
      Dena (volks mini sd gothic dress + mini sd denin set)
      riversoblood (volks pink suit and stripe pants)
      julidc (volks items)
      Lyn04 (volks jacket)
      purplekaren (boots)
      PranBran (volks boots)
      Lilly's_pad (volks sd suit- mini sd overall set)
      Eacretp (volks brown chi wig)
      Stinkerbell (white chi wig)
      Taicho (volks shirt)
      Cursed (volks eyes)
      Cynthia in FlintHills
      Butterfly (volks 14mm metallic pin eyes)
      morbidollz (sd 13 boy boots)
      shaDrouet (volks green eyes and top)
      beckers (sd original slip and panties)
      Kellyhime (prince top)
      Pansy (sd denin outfit)
      steffie1 (volks dd lingerie)
      emera (msd black shirt volks)
      NabeeRain (sd volks original slip + panties)
      wc_dragon (volks white shirt)
      Marilyn (dd1 head)
      Descending Twilight (volks black shirt)
      megami (volks sd set + pink dress)
      ranmanekineko (pink dress)
      pelicandeb (volks shes + shirt + top)
      Fukurou (volks shirt)
      sumomo123 (v jeans)
      leadora (MSD Volks W-55 Gold Wig)
      Starherd (dd1 open eye head)
      BoogiePop (long white chi wig)
      ChocoMeijin (volks shinsia head)
      evildolly (volks sd nana head)
      'muffin (volks black mini sd boots)
    4. positive transaction, fast payment, good communication!!! a+++++++++++++
    5. I bought a head from pony_gery, she was great with communication, and shipped it out really fast, a really great seller! :D
    6. One of my favorite sellers.. Always A+
    7. Good buyer, sent payment promptly. Thanks again :daisy
    8. Very fast shipping on my Volks items! Would buy from you anytime Geri. :)

      Hugs, Juli DC :D
    9. Just bought an Iplehouse item from Geri. Extremely fast shipping, and quick response. :)
    10. I ordered several items from pony_gery and I loved everything and it came quickly and safely packaged! THANX again!
    11. i bought an SD sara head from ponygery, was a great experience doing business with her :) everything came quickly, safely, and well packed! thanks again!
    12. Very good to buy from--clear communication, mailed the things I bought promptly, and packed them carefully! :)
    13. I bought 2 volks shirts from pony_gery and she was very efficient, with good comunication and really fast, thanks!
    14. I bought shoes and a wig, Everything went super smooth, she sent it out on Friday and it came on Sat...of course we live in the same state but still! Great person to do deals with. ^^ Will buy many more things from ponygery.
    15. i bought 2 articles of clothing from ponygeri, and they arrived in perfect condition. ^^ she's easy to communicate with and fast.
    16. I bought a shirt and eyes. Geri was nice enough to hold the itemes, after I paid for them, and ship them a week later, since I would be out of town. They were very nicely packaged, and it was very sweet of her to hold it for me! :)
    17. I bought a dollfie dream head from ponygery, it arrived super fast, friendly seller and excellent communication :daisy
    18. I just recieved a Volks DD Lingerie set from ponygery and wanted to come in and let you all know that the transaction was quick, smooth, and pleasant, and that the item I recieved is wonderful! An A+ seller!
    19. I sold Ponygery an OD Vampire Ji outfit. She paid quickly and contacted me as soon as she got it to say it was wonderful. Perfect transaction (and my first on DOA!) Thank you, Ponygeri!
    20. Thanks for the great DD1 head!
      Also, I have had a few other very good transactions with gery.
      Always nice and fast with payment and shippment. ^_^