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Feedback for poochiness

Mar 11, 2010

    1. xD Feedback for me~
    2. pooch took part in my crobidoll GO and was a great person to work with, payment was fast and communication was great :) thanks again!
    3. Poochiness bought a Luts Summer '09 head from me. Great communication and fast payment :) Highly recommended! Thanks again ^__^
    4. [FONT=宋体]You are very very good buyer , your kindness,friendship and praise really encourage me to keep working for the whole doll world ,and let me deeply feel the trust ,friendship ,kindness during our transaction . I am a glass doll eyes manufacturer , I enjoy the praise from you after my hard work,to be honest , I am really willing to work for you again and try to do my best to make the top quality and service for the wonderful doll world .to let all of us to feel the trust and friendship between the people and make the happyness for each other are more important than the money , and feel our work are meaningful and life are really happy [/FONT][FONT=宋体]. Any requirements including the special requirement which no people can do ,please feel free to contact me .
      thank you again!
      Your friend :Lu [/FONT]
    5. Poochiness commissioned two vests/waistcoats from me, she was a wonderful customer! The transaction was very smooth and she was brilliant to work with :) I'd love to work with her again!
    6. Poochiness participated in my Nine9 Style Go. The communication was great and the payment was very quick. I enjoyed doing business with her and would gladly do so again if the situation came up. ^^
    7. poochiness participated in one of my GOs (for TATA'S PARADISE). She paid both invoices promptly, and was understanding about wait times due to my job.
      Thanks for joining my GO, poochiness! :)
    8. Poochiness participated in a GO for Crobi that I ran, all went well, great communication.
    9. Poochiness participated in my TATA Group order. She was very nice to deal with and her payments were made quickly. I recommend to anyone.
    10. poochiness joined my infiniti SID split and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with.
      Not only the communication was excellent, she always made her payments promptly and informed me when the package arrived to her.
      I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again in the future and recommend her to others.
      Thank you so so muvh for a wonderful transaction <3
    11. Poochiness was in my Crobidoll GO and was a pleasure to work with~ Fast payment and good communication :)
    12. Poochiness traded me her Keny Skull for faceup material (MSC, acrylic paints, and retarder). It was the first time I traded and it was a complete success. She shipped the skull immediately and it arrived fast and in perfect condition!

      Thank you dear! :truffle
    13. Poochiness joined my Soom GO, and was awesome to deal with. I'd love to have her participate in another one! Communication was prompt and so was payment! Thanks much for joining! :kitty2
    14. ~Positive~
      Poochiness participated in my GacktJOB Group Order. She was very involved and communication was always fast.

      Thank you Poochiness for taking part in my GO! Please enjoy! :D
    15. poochiness here is the winner for my V. Miho head auction. Conversation was great and payments were prompt! Awesome person to do transaction with :D!!!
    16. ~<3~ Took place in one of my Dollmore Group orders and everything went very smoothly, would love to work with again! ~<3~
    17. she bought a doll head from me, and was very nice, payment was very quick - perfect buyer!
    18. I participated in the Kuroshitsuji Minimee GO that poochiness ran (and is still running) for the Sebastian head. She was great to deal with. She always communicated and let us know what was going on, especially when DIM dropped the ball and told everyone that the service was closing and we couldn't make the modifications that we wanted to. She made my first Minimee GO very easy to deal with. I would definitely deal with her again.
    19. I joined a minimee group order ran by poochiness and everything was ran smoothly! Lots of communication was done and there were no problems within the group :) She was quick to react when it came to ordering, and payment, and even when preview and modification pictures were ready! Thank you soooooo much!! :aheartbea
    20. I participated in the Kuroshitsuji Minimee GO that poochiness ran for the Sebastian head. She was great to deal with. She very communicated and very helpful. I would definitely deal with her again. all perfect:)