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Feedback for Poohki

Jun 28, 2007

    1. If you've participated in a transaction with me, here's the place to leave feedback. Thanks!:)
    2. Poohki bought a bunch of puki clothing from me and was a terrific buyer!! I highly recommend Poohki!
    3. In response to a thread of mine, Poohki sold me a Cherishdoll body. She must love her dolls so much because this body is in perfect condition: no stains, no spots, no yellow, I could swear it's brand new. Even from the way she packed this body, I can tell she takes care of her dolls and makes sure nothing bad will ever happen to them. This body is beautifully sueded and strung.

      She was even kind enough to send along some clothes and accessories, so my new little lady wouldn't be cold. Her messages were prompt and so sweet--I can just go on and on! This transaction was worth every cent and Poohki is just the greatest!!

      I will be buying from Poohki at every opportunity. x3
    4. Poohki was part of one of my Fairyland GO :3 paid on time and was very sweet throughout the whole process ^^ I'd love to work with her again sometime.
    5. Poohki bought an outfit from me and everthing went great! Quick payment, friendly, and she even sent me a photo of her girl looking adorable in the new outfit! :) Thanks so much! ^_^